Broxap partner with Farsite Communications Ltd

FarSite Communications Ltd, not only design and sell IoT solutions they also have a long history of designing, developing and manufacturing high quality, high performance WAN Communications Gateway Appliances and also Adapters for PCs and Servers used in a business environment. As well as all of that they have now developed the Netbin a sensor which sits within the bin to detect when it requires emptying.

Broxap’s very popular range of litterbins has now been expanded to include the intelligent fill level monitoring solution netBin. Integrating netBin technology into litterbins will keep Broxap at the forefront of the smart city revolution. The new line of intelligent Broxap litterbins allow the bins to report the waste levels and when they have been emptied providing significant cost savings, efficiency improvements and effective monitoring keeping the streets tidier than ever before.

Thanks to the flexibility of the netBin system Broxap will be offering the benefits not just on their new bin range but also retrofitting to existing litter bins.

Litter bins with netBin installed report their fill level, temperature and when they are emptied to netBin Hub management software where intelligent scheduling and analysis is performed to monitor the network of bins and improve the management and collection efficiency of the litter bins. Alarms and warnings in the bin network can be triggered when bins get overfull, knocked over or even if they catch fire.

Broxap’s Street Furniture and Litter Bin Managing Director Bill Mountford said “We’re very much looking forward to working with Farsite Communications Ltd. Their considerable knowledge and experience of working in communications will ensure their netbin system will revolutionize the Litter Bin industry.”