Bringing Our Outdoor Street Furniture … Indoors

Many people are used to seeing street furniture in our towns, our cities and even in our parks.

However, more recently people are noticing that ‘street furniture,’ though harbouring the name ‘street’ is not only appearing outside.

More and more, it is appearing up and down the country in both restaurants and cafés. Though seemingly strange, the act of bringing street furniture indoors has many benefits for both the business and the customer.

For many years companies have used our litter bins indoors. This helps to encourage the correct disposal of litter and recycling on their premises.

This practical use of bringing our street furniture inside is not seen as odd at all.

                                          …Yet the positioning of a ‘park bench’ in a restaurant was unheard of.

                                                                                                                                         …Until now!

Over the past couple of years we have seen an increase for the request for traditionally outdoor products, being placed in indoor settings. And with the shabby chic phenomenon becoming more apparent, more and more people will be  looking for unusual and bespoke products to help their business stand out.

So… why bring a ‘park bench’ inside?

A  project that Broxap completed at The Scallop Shell in Bath saw us install a bespoke version of the Pierhead Seat.

The Scallop Shell, Bath.

This piece of ‘outdoor seating’  embodied the restaurants nautical theme. Combining navy blue edges with  rustic timber slats, the benches created a seaworthy aesthetic which could not be echoed with regular ‘indoor seating’.

The stylish contemporary bench complemented the new upstairs dining area beautifully. It also allowed for the practical use of up to six customers. This meant that these benches provided a comfortable booth in which customers could sit, eat and socialise.  The large spacious design was big enough to seat more than the old four person tables. This allows for larger parties to dine, thus creating a more sociable experience.

The act of using these fabulous outdoor benches allowed the restaurant owners to give customers an authentic seaside experience, just without the crashing waves, and sea sick captains. Adding an interesting USP to this great restaurant.

And that’s not the only new restaurant that has created a unique space with our outdoor furniture…

Hotbox, London.

Another project which Broxap completed saw a BX17 4001T Roslin Timber Slatted Seat placed in a prestigious London restaurant.

The Hotbox, Bar and Grill restaurant has a very unique aesthetic which could only be complemented by the installation of our bespoke street furniture. The installed bench captured the rustic aesthetic of this old style smokehouse themed restaurant.

The bench was a full 3.2 meters long meaning that it allowed for multiple diners to use at one time. Thus making this new addition to the restaurant perfect for encouraging an exciting and sociable dining experience.

How can indoor street furniture can enhance your business?

Bringing the outdoors inside is not a new prospect.

Many businesses already improve their aesthetic with the use of plants and indoor garden areas.

However, the idea of putting outdoor furniture in your café seems ludicrous. This oxymoronic idea is quickly becoming appealing to both business and the public. More people are choosing to decorate their homes with ‘garden furniture’ in order to experience the fun of dining al fresco, but without having to rely on the weather.

Bringing street furniture indoors allows businesses to explore new fun and interesting styles.

However, businesses can not only improve their aesthetic, but it can also improve practicality too!

By using outdoor seating to create booths in your restaurant, you can provide a large seating space for more people to socialise. The use of wood as opposed to fabric also means  they clean easily. These benches provide a hard wearing solution for any indoor space.

Find out more about enhancing your restaurant or cafe with one of our outdoor seats by contacting one of our trained advisers today.