The Uses and Benefits of Airport Canopies.

With a continued growth in the amount of people who use flight as a means of travel, it is essential that airports grow to accommodate this increasing amount of passengers. Distinctive walkways and waiting areas are a great way to keep order amongst busy airports. Canopies, walkways and shelters create a distinct area where passengers can wait for transportation. Having these specific areas within your airport does not only improve transportation around the airport, but in turn it creates a more positive customer experience. Here at Broxap we have created a list of ways in which our canopies, walkways and shelters can help to enhance airports by improving both transportation and customer experience.

Airside Passenger Walkway.

Airside Passenger Walkways often run adjacent to the runway. As soon as passengers disembark from the aeroplane they will enter a designated covered walkway. Providing this area for passengers improves mood.  This is because passengers are sheltered from the Great British weather after their time away. Airside Passenger Walkways also provide a specified safety area in which airport users can make their way to security and baggage claim without having to walk directly on the runway. It also provides passengers with clear marked instructions as to where they need to walk.

Broxap installed an Airside Passenger Walkway at Inverness Airport in Scotland. This walkway was constructed as part of an airport extension. It aimed to provide a distinct walkway between the extension and the main airport building. This walkway was created for passengers who were both boarding and leaving commercial aircraft.

Park and Ride Passenger Shelter.

Passengers are provided with a waiting area which supplies those who park on the terminal car parks with a clear space for passengers to wait for the bus. This creates less panic or confusion amongst passengers who are unsure where to go. Having a shelter rather than a stand makes the structure more visible.  It also provides protection from any weather, keeping the public and their luggage both dry and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A recent project at Leeds Bradford Airport saw Broxap install a series of Passenger Shelters. Broxap placed the shelters on the long stay car parks meaning that those who chose to park at the airport were able to catch the bus to the terminal. Thus improving transportation within the airport. The structures complemented the contemporary aesthetic of the airport.

Drop off Canopy.

For those who decide against parking at the airport and decide upon having a friend, relative or taxi drop them off, there is a solution which provides a designated space for people to wait. Having a ‘drop off canopy’ provides shelter for passengers protecting them from the elements. Having a large drop off canopy can direct passengers who are being picked up towards that area.

One of the many projects which Broxap completed at Glasgow Airport saw us install a series of Tensile Canopies. These created a distinctive pick up and drop off area where passengers can be dropped off by friends, relatives and taxis. The canopy also caters to a nearby bus stop. This allows for people making their way to the airport via public transport. Thus helping to improve transportation around the airport.

Bus Stop and Walkway.

Canopies and walkways don’t just have to serve one sole purpose. Dual purpose canopies can provide walkways. They also have built in bus stops which service local routes. This means that this walkway provides a walking area between the long stay car parks and the terminal.  It also provides a bus stop for a specific terminal. This is done in order to optimise transportation within the airport.  It also improves transport links into the airport.

Broxap installed a dual purpose canopy at East Midlands airport as part of their airport transportation improvement project to both reduce transport time with local people arriving at the airport, as well as optimise transportation around the airport itself.

Employing the use of canopies around airports can improve customer experience in multiple ways. Providing a designated space for passengers to walk protects them from multiple weather conditions.  As well as directing them towards a specific area to reduce confusion. Canopies can also improve transportation within the airport grounds as well as improving transport links to and from the airport.