Making an Entrance: How Entrance Canopies can Enhance Your Company’s Aesthetic.

Making an Entrance| Hospitality Shelters | Entrance Canopies | Broxap

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions can be tough” and this is true.

A person’s first impression will be judged and though we shouldn’t, it is human nature. As we all know, a bad first impression is hard to change. And this isn’t just true when it comes to people.

The first impression of any building works exactly the same way. Especially when it comes to the hospitality sector! Hotels, restaurants and other similar establishments need to make a great first impression! Why? Because they need to entice customers through the door.

Making an Entrance| Hospitality Shelters | Entrance Canopies | Broxap

Premier Inn, Chester – Entrance Canopy

This is where Broxap can help.

Broxap design, manufacture and install a range of Entrance Canopies which can be used on the front of any building to improve its external appearance. Thus improving both the buildings, and in turn the companies, first impressions.

Entrance canopies make a great focal point, making them perfect for use on hotels.

An Entrance Canopy does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides cover for the public upon entrance to a building. Though they are practical, they are also a great way to enhance the aesthetic of the building.

Premier Inn, Oxford.

Making an Entrance| Hospitality Shelters | Entrance Canopies | Broxap

Premier Inn, Oxford

A recent project which was completed at the Premier Inn in Oxford demonstrates how both practicality and aesthetic enhancement can be combined.

The Premier Inn needed a series of both Covered Walkways and Entrance Canopies to ensure guests remain dry when travelling around the hotel buildings. The canopies covered the entrance to both the restaurant and the main building, as well as providing a walkway between the two. The canopies were fitted with drainage solutions in order to ensure that hotel guests remain dry whilst under the walkway. On top of all of this, the canopies were created with trapezoidal roof cladding in Green. This allows the walkway to perfectly complement the natural surroundings.

Another way in which an Entrance Canopy can be used to enhance the aesthetic, is to stand out rather than blend in.

Making an Entrance| Hospitality Shelters | Entrance Canopies | Broxap

Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair

Broxap completed a rather eccentric canopy for The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair. This canopy provides a focal point for the entire building. Fully fitted with working lights the canopy draws attention to the Art Deco theme of the hotel. On top of allowing for a grand entrance, day or night, the canopy also provides cover from the elements for the hotel’s doorman.

On top of this it allows  hotel guests, to enter the hotel without being exposed to the British weather.

Well and truly giving guests the five star treatment…


Hotels and other establishments which specialise in hospitality are not the only sector which can benefit from an entrance canopy.

Other sectors such as hospitals, schools and attractions can also benefit from both the practicality and aesthetic enhancement which comes from having an Entrance Canopy.

Broxap design, manufacture and install a wide variety of canopies and shelters which can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

Take a look at our recent projects which demonstrate how we have used canopies or shelters to enhance buildings from a variety of different sectors.