Modeshift Stars with Broxap

To celebrate #BikeWeek 2018, we’re reminding you of the ways you can encourage sustainable travel.
The best way to promote these activities is to have the right facilities and a plan to make the most of them!

Broxap recently secured a partnership with Modeshift, thus enabling us to provide cycle and scooter parking in a number of schools to allow them to keep up with their Modeshift travel plan. A travel plan looks into how a school can promote methods of sustainable travel. From walking to cycling to scooting, they are all fun and cost effective ways to get to and from school.

Modeshift Stars is an online school travel plan monitoring system. The system makes it easier for those schools involved to review, develop and monitor their travel plan.

On top of this, the Modeshift Stars national schools award scheme recognises schools which show excellence in promoting and preserving sustainable travel.

Why do we promote sustainable travel?

The answer to this is easy. Sustainable travel often means active travel. Encouraging more children to bike, scoot or walk to school means that they are also increasing their daily activity! Thus promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

To top it all off sustainable travel, especially within schools, can help to reduce congestion and pollution. This creates a better atmosphere for everyone, all round!

Modeshift Stars is completely free to get involved in for schools which are outside of London. This means your school would see no additional cost for benefiting from this fabulous service.

Cycling and the Education Sector

Broxap recently contributed to a project independent of Modeshift, at St Peter’s Primary School in Leicester. Though this was an element of Leicester County Council’s Travel Plan Initiative, it showcases perfectly what a school could achieve if they chose to work with Modeshift.

We installed a series of cycle shelters and scooter racks for storing bicycles and scooters during the school day. These safe and secure cycle parking facilities allow for pupils to securely store their bikes whilst they are in lessons. Giving peace of mind to both parents and carers on the safety of their bikes during the school day.

St Peter’s Primary School were delighted with their new Broxap shelters and racks. They even commented on how the new facilities had enticed more pupils to cycle and scoot to school.

The popularity of cycling has increased so much at the school the even these shelters are becoming overcrowded!

The school said they can see themselves needing even more in the future to accommodate for everyone, including staff, who wants to cycle to school. This is great news for sustainable travel!

Modeshift: Sustainable Stars of the Future

Following the partnership with Modeshift, schools can now receive funding for projects such as the one outlined above.

Therefore, if you want help with a travel plan, and want to get involved with encouraging sustainable travel within your school, get in touch with Modeshift Stars via their website!