Accessible Seating in the City and on the Move

We’re looking at some of the most important aspects of accessible seating for transport hubs and public spaces.

Seating is vital when it comes to the design of towns, cities and parks. Without it, you exclude members of the public in their millions. That’s because there are huge amounts of the population who have difficulty walking and/or standing for extended periods. For example, did you know that 78% of older people don’t feel their own town accommodates their mobility needs?

However, not every seat provides sufficient comfort, convenience, or accessibility; picking a bench or seat for purely aesthetic qualities may not solve the problem.

That’s why we’ve looked at the 2010 Equality Act and Northern Ireland’s Disability Discrimination Act to ascertain guidelines and suggestions. Using this information, we have put together an introduction for anyone looking to install accessible seating.

Take a look at our accessibility infographic:
Equality Guidelines Infographic - Broxap Accessible Seating

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After exploring our range of seating, we recommend consulting Scope, the Disability Information Bureau, or your local disability services.

Don’t forget, our bespoke design service allows you to customise many of our seating products. With options for different colours, height alterations or armrest additions, you can cater to the mobility needs of your clientele.

At Broxap, we think our country’s streets, buildings and parks should be open to everyone; the importance of accessible seating simply cannot be overstated. A lack of suitable places to rest will result in fewer people on our streets and higher levels of isolation. That’s why we’d like to see more accessible seating across the UK – no one should feel excluded from their own town centre.


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