FSC® Friday – Celebrate Responsible Forestry

What is FSC® Friday? 

Today is FSC® Friday! A national day which aims to celebrate companies who sell and use FSC® certified products. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council and they oversee the manufacture and distribution of all products which come from forestry. This means products containing both wood and paper. The FSC® review their certifications annually to ensure that companies are still complying with their standards. The FSC® will award certification to companies who demonstrate their commitment to the preservation of the environment. By having the FSC® certification, companies can allow consumers to make a well informed socially and environmentally responsible buying decision.

FSC® Certification at Broxap!

Many Broxap products are produced using FSC® (FSC-C122338) certified timber and our playground equipment division, Hand Made Places uses all FSC® certified products. This is more important today than it has ever been, over the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the sales of timber products. Timber is a natural resource and therefore looks perfectly at home within any natural environment. Timber canopies, shelters and walkaways look wonderful amongst trees, and with a transparent roof, they allow for natural light to seep through. These products are a great feature for parks and green-spaces which don’t have natural clearings or canopies.

Broxap and the Environment

Not only do our canopies and other pieces in our street furniture range look environmentally responsible. Having the FSC® certification means that they are environmentally responsible. Here at Broxap we like to go the extra mile.

Many companies will waste unused timber at the manufacturing stage. However we use the off-cuts from our timber product responsibly, often using them in other projects. Any of the timber which we can’t find a use for, we send to a waste management company for recycling. Additionally, the sawdust that we produce finds its home at a local company who specialise in the manufacturing of animal bedding!

However, it doesn’t stop there! It’s not just our timber products which are FSC® certified; our brochures are also created using FSC® certified paper. Here at Broxap, we take issues regarding the environment extremely seriously; you can also find all our brochures available to view online for a paperless option.

As well as aesthetic and environmental properties, our timber is known for its longevity and durability. These features are something that many customers do worry about when purchasing timber rather than the traditional cast iron.

When looking to purchase timber products which look and feel environmentally friendly, always look for the FSC® ‘tick’. Only companies with this certification practise responsible forestry.

By only purchasing FSC® certified products such as canopies, walkways, and benches with the FSC® logo, you are helping to protect our environment.