How to Choose Cycle Parking Facilities – Project Spotlight

Making the Right Decisions

The Broxap team has been attending conferences across the country to discuss regeneration, sustainability and transport needs. It’s made us aware that the increasing demand for cycle parking puts pressure on decision makers to… well, make the right decision, and quick! For example, a busy commuter spot will have different needs from a new-build school. A growing business may have a cycle parking capacity which is different from a university department.

We’ve used our collective knowledge and decades of industry experience to curate a cycle parking range which takes variety into account. However, we’re also aware that a broad set of cycle parking options sometimes makes the decision process even trickier! That’s why we’re also proud to have a tailor-made consultation service and a team brimming with specific, useful advice.

To help you along the way, here’s our round-up of Cycle Parking Options, complete with case studies and example products.

Met our team at a recent conference? You may have picked up one of our handouts. Use this article as a guide to the featured images!


Part 1: Cycle parking: hubs, shelters rack & stands

From a simple stand to large capacity cycle storage hubs, Broxap can cater for all aspects of cycle parking.
Our cycle hubs, shelters and compounds create dry, safe and secure parking for all types of cycle. If space is limited then opt for our two-tier Hi-Rise system; this allows easy parking of cycles in an upper and lower formation. You can even utilise the Hi-Rise system in basements or underground car parks to maximise cycle parking in even the tightest of spaces.

You’ll find our stands, racks and lockers in streets, schools and commercial locations the length and breadth of the UK.


Cycle Hubs - How to Choose Cycle Parking Facilities

Cycle Hubs

View the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Cycle Hub here.

“The unit incorporates a duopitch roof and is clad entirely by glass panelling complete with cycle images. Access is achieved via an automated swipe card system…”  – Read the full case study here.

View all our cycle hubs here.



Space Saving Cycle Parking Facilities

Space Saving Cycle Parking

View the Cycle Drum here.

“We dedicate so much space to cars; you can fit an entirely enclosed shelter in the same parameters as one car parking space. Why not shine a light on the practical alternatives to driving?” – Read the full article here.

View all our space saving cycle parking solutions here.



Stylish Cycle Stands - Broxap Cycle Parking - Stylish Cycle Racks

Stands / Racks

View the Crewe Cycle rack here.

For further alternative cycle rack designs see:

Norwich City Council achieved their ideal cycle parking in response to requests from local cyclists. Read the case study here, or contact Broxap about creating a unique design to suit you.



Cycle & Motorcycle Shelters - Broxap Cycle Parking

Cycle & Motorcycle Shelters

View the Wardale® cycle shelter here.

As well as bike racks, you can add motorcycle stands, anchors and brackets into shelters to make them multi-purpose. View all motorcycle security here.

Yet another cost effective, modular cycle parking design is the Newcastle Shelter, also available with plenty of custom options.



Contemporary Cycle Shelters - Choosing Cycle Parking

Contemporary Cycle Shelters

View the Cambridge cycle shelter here.

“With the arena’s striking visuals in mind, the Emirates Arena designers chose the Broxap Cambridge Cycle Shelter to host up to 120 cycles at once.” – Read the full case study here.

If sleek structures are your thing, take a look at the Lightwood design.



Timber Clad Cycle Shelters - Broxap Cycle Parking

Timber Clad Cycle Shelters

Take a look at the Blox design here.

“Leicester City Council asked Broxap to provide a cycle shelter which combines a storage unit and a bin store screen.” – Read the full case study here.

View all our timber cycle shelters here.



Two tier cycle parking - Broxap Cycle Solutions

Two Tier Cycle Parking

View the Broxap Hi-Rise system here.

Our system uses the Sheffield Stand in the lower tier to maintain accessibility for users who cannot lift their cycle. Cycle parking in the upper tier is provided through an easy-to-use, hand operated chute.

The cycle can be locked into place (with users’ own locks) in two positions utilising the lift up/push down securing bracket housed within the chute. Furthermore, the optional addition of a gas strut for the upper tier makes the operation even easier.

For examples of the two-tier system in action, see our case studies:



Part 2: Cycle to work

As a member of Modeshift, Broxap understand the needs of cyclists and their requirements for secure and easy-to-use cycle parking.

We offer products that are ideal for work locations; we’ll help you to use minimal space to maximise cycle parking whilst offering a ‘no hassle’ solution to employees storing cycles at work.


Simple racks and stands - Simple cycle parking - Broxap

Simple Racks and Stands

View the Sheffield cycle stand here.

If you’re looking for something low-cost and reliable, this standard design is hard to beat. In this image, the Sheffield Cycle Stand is in galvanised mild steel.

An alternative to the Sheffield stand is the Harrogate.

You can also view more of our simple cycle racks and stands here.



Space Saving Cycle Parking - Broxap

Space Saving

View the Coventry Cantilever cycle shelter here.

Push space-saving to the limits! We installed our two tier system at a 45° angle in Manchester, allowing us to save even more pedestrian space. Read the case study here.

Alternatively, why not work vertically? Take a look at the Neath Cycle Rack to see how you can use wall space efficiently.



Secure Cycle Parking Shelter - Broxap

Secure Cycle Parking

View the Wardale® cycle shelter here.

This is an example of the Wardale with additional sliding gates.

See our Orbital bike shelter for an example of highly contemporary style and innovative security.



Part 3: Cycle to school

Broxap have been supplying schools with cycle parking products for many years. During 2018 we also became a sponsor of Sustrans’s The Big Pedal offering prizes to schools competing in the competition. Therefore we’re highly experienced in getting schools the ideal cycle parking solution in line with their budget.


Cycle Shelter - Bike Shelter for Schools - Broxap

Cycle Shelters

View all our cycle shelters here.

This is a completely different way of using the Wardale shelter; its ‘wheel-up and go’ feature, modular capabilities, and smaller size is a hit in schools.

Likewise, the Apollo Junior cycle shelter is minimalist, modular and efficient in design!



Large Capacity Bike Compounds - Broxap

Large Capacity Compounds

View the Wardale-Littleborough Cycle Compound here.

Broxap installed a whole series of Wardale shelters at Kents Hill Park School in Milton Keynes; this large scale project gave us the opportunity to create something pretty stunning – read the case study here.



Cycle Lockers Broxap Cycle Parking


View the Leeds cycle locker here.

View all our full rage of cycle lockers here.



Cycle & Scooter Parking - Broxap

Cycle & Scooter Parking

View the Sofco junior cycle shelter here.

Alternatively, view the Hybrid Scooter/Cycle rack here.



We hope you’ve found this a useful guide to the various cycle parking options available. If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on … happy cycling!