Welsh Regeneration – Project Spotlight

What’s the answer to regeneration? What do you need to consider when “Building for the Future”? With new funding opportunities for Welsh regeneration, we’re taking a look back at some of our most successful projects. Below, you’ll also find a list of important considerations when it comes to external works for regeneration.

Welsh Regeneration & Successful External Works – Building for the Future

Building for the Future is supporting local authorities as well as private and third sector partners in a huge Welsh Regeneration project. The aim is to acquire, refurbish or redevelop unused buildings and land close to town and city centres. This opens many doors, and should prove to be the start of an exceptionally exciting era for the country.

Whether or not you’re in eligible for this specific funding opportunity, investigating past success is key. This kind of knowledge and experience will support external works for regeneration projects.

So here it is, a collection of projects from across the years, and the reasons they’re amongst our favourites!

Project spotlight:

Llanberis Railway Station – Glazed roof and entrance canopy

Regeneration projects usually require an extensive amount of exterior construction. These external works for regeneration can come in various forms. One idea is to resurrect traditional attractions. For example, the railway which ran through this idyllic location was re-purposed in 2003. Broxap’s entrance canopy was part of a project which gave the tourist scene a new lease of life!

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Llanberis Railway Station | External Works for Regeneration | Project Spotlight | Welsh Regeneration | Broxap

Aberystwyth Railway Station – Steel and glass entrance canopy

What is the main style at the heart of your regeneration project? Sometimes you want to connect with the original, as in the steam railway in Llanberis. At other times you may want to opt for the contemporary, as in this installation for National Rail.

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McCarthy & Stone Retirement Lifestyle Ltd, Llandudno | External Works for Regeneration | Project Spotlight | Welsh Regeneration | Broxap

McCarthy & Stone Retirement Lifestyle Ltd, Llandudno – Modern style entrance canopy

Retiring to a seaside town is an ever-popular option. Therefore it’s no surprise that, within two months of opening, over 60% of the apartments at Cwrt Gloddaeth had already been bought! Welsh regeneration projects often require practical additions to popular locations.

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North & Penarth Roads, Cardiff | External Works for Regeneration | Project Spotlight | Welsh Regeneration | Broxap

North & Penarth Roads, Cardiff – Dual-Use Recycling Units

Our streets are at the heart of local regeneration. That’s why an on-street recycling programme has been so important for Cardiff Council in recent years. To put their plans in action, the local authority opted for strength and longevity, vital elements of external works for regeneration.

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Ysgol Bro Alun Primary School, Gwersyllt | External Works for Regeneration | Project Spotlight | Welsh Regeneration | Broxap
Ysgol Bro Alun Primary, Gwersyllt –  External Works Package

Sometimes, regeneration is about investing in the young. That’s because, in providing educational, stimulating playgrounds and promoting exercise, you offer children improved opportunities. When these opportunities come to fruition, you will see great things coming from subsequent generations.

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Llanelli Town Centre – Architectural Specialist Glazed Structure

When designing an urban space, you need to keep the public in mind. That’s because, to really benefit high street commerce, you need to provide experiences that you simply can’t get online. That’s why we were so proud of this project in Llanelli. It was about providing a social focal point to bring people together, both literally and figuratively. Today, as the public are physically drawn to the town centre, they’re also reminded of their heritage; for example, finding the common ground between artwork and industry.

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A summary of our top steps to successful investment in external works regeneration…

  • Re-purpose the defining features of the area – for example, visitor attractions.
  • Consider the style you’re aiming for – this gives your goal a visual direction.
  • Be practical – aesthetics are important but there’s nothing worse than a white elephant.
  • In the case of regeneration, longevity is central to an external works package – make it last.
  • Invest in the future – often the biggest benefits occur after years of increased opportunity.
  • Think social – urban regeneration needs wholehearted, cultural and social support.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to consider. For example, find a solution which you can implement fully and which doesn’t require you to relying on too many parties; this makes it easier to meet deadlines.

At Broxap our in-house design team allows us to offer exceptional range at competitive prices without compromising on quality or expertise.

Why not take a look at one last external works package to see an example of our far-reaching range…?

Ysgol Nantgwyn – External Works Package

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