Broxap in the Community…

At Broxap we pride ourselves on the fact that we encourage our staff to be charitable whenever possible.  Through the years we have become involved in a multitude of different events and fundraisers to give back to our local community.

From international campaigns, right through to local donations, at Broxap we are focused on helping those who need it.

Read on to find out which events we have already taken part in…


Comic Relief/Red Nose Day 2019

Broxap took part in raising money for the well known charity “Comic Relief” this year on the 15th March.

Staff came in to work ‘dressed down’ in an effort to raise money for this great cause.

Their combined efforts allowed them to raise: £105.00
A massive thank you to everyone that got involved!
Red Nose Day 2019 - Media | Broxap

Image courtesy of Red Nose Day – 


McMillian Coffee Morning at Hand Made Places.

Broxap’s partners Hand Made Places, made a great effort in the 2018 ‘World’s Greatest Coffee Morning.’

Employees worked hard at both baking and buying cakes and sweet treats in an effort to encourage staff to make donations for such a worthy cause.

Their combined efforts allowed them to raise £67.55!
A massive thank you to everyone that got involved!
Coffee Morning | Hand Made Places | Broxap

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

Foodbank Collection for Elim Pentecostal Church, Chesterton

Christmas 2017 saw an array of charitable activity.

First up we placed a brand new Broxap Derby Standard Litter Bin in the reception area and asked employees to give what they could to the local foodbank!

We were overwhelmed with donations and on the 14th of December we took the bin down to Elim Pentecostal Church in Chesterton which is served by Newcastle-Staffs foodbank.

Newcastle-Staffs foodbank is run by the Trussel Trust.

Donations included essential groceries, including soups & teabags as well as toiletries, like men’s razors and deodorant.

As well as all that there were also a few Christmassy treats thrown in, and not to mention some small gifts for local children too!

A massive thank you to all who donated to this amazing cause.
Foodbank | Christmas 2017 | Broxap

Foodbank Donations

City Dogs Home – Food and Blankets Donation.

Here at Broxap we try to make a yearly effort to donate to our local dog’s home, ensuring that every local charity is taken care of.

Broxap employees used a large Derby Standard Litter Bin to collect donations which would be given to the local dog’s home.

Employees then donated cans of dog food, treats, toys and blankets to the City Dogs Home, a charity organisation which aims to re-home stray and unwanted dogs.

This bin was taken down to the City Dogs home on the 17th of December 2017, just in time to give the dogs a treat for Christmas day!

A huge thank you to all Broxap employees who gave generously to this fabulous cause.
Dogs Home| Broxap | Christmas 2017

City Dogs Home Donations

Save the Children and Donna Louise Trust Christmas Jumper Days…

At Broxap we took part in not one, but two Christmas Jumper Days.

These days raised a combined £265 for two great charities.

Save the Children is an international charity which we felt great pleasure in supporting.

The Donna Louise Trust is a local charity which ‘provides support & care for children & young adults with life-limiting conditions.’

So Broxap employees put on their favourite Santa sweater and spent the day looking and feeling festive all in the name of charity!

Thank you to all employees who braved the sweater this year!
Christmas Jumper Day | Broxap

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

Shoe Box Appeal

The charity continues… in 2016 we took part in the Shoe box appeal…

Staff at Broxap filled shoe boxes in aid of the Shoe Box Appeal and Operation Christmas Child.

The boxes were dropped off at local collection point Signal 1 Radio.

51 shoe boxes were packed full of toys, pencils, pens, colouring books and an array of other items to bring joy to less fortunate children at Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child began in 1990 and in its 26 year history over 100 million gift filled shoe boxes have been delivered around the world.

Broxap staff have filled boxes for boys and girls across the various age groups 2-4, 5-9 and 10-14.

Thank you to all staff who got involved…
Shoebox Appeal | Christmas 2016 | Broxap

Shoebox Appeal 2016

Community Recycling Consortium

Broxap proudly supported  a local Community Recycling Consortium (CRC) volunteer project which recycle and reuse old IT equipment.

The Community Recycling Consortium help support training and employment opportunities for vulnerable and disabled people in the local community. People who might otherwise not have an opportunity to access adult training courses or employment.

The Community Interest Group based in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, collect the redundant IT equipment including computers, servers, printers and laptops from schools, colleges and businesses.

These products are then taken to the workshop to be examined. If an item is no longer usable, CRC will break down the component parts to be recycled or to be used in other donated equipment. If an item of IT equipment can be given an extended life, it is used for training where volunteers can learn how to repair the items. It is then used within community groups for further training opportunities.

Broxap recently had their first collection of IT hardware. We are proud to be supporting a great local cause!

Broxap in the Community | Broxap

IT Recycling Programme.

Climb for Autism

Broxap staff took part in an annual charity event of Climbing Mount Snowdon for two very worthwhile charities.

They were raising awareness / funds for Autism Aware UK and CheckemLads – Testicular Cancer. Both charities do outstanding work raising awareness and necessary funds for their respective causes

On the day over 200 people, including celebrities such as Sally Lindsay (Coronation Street) and Steve White (Drummer-Style Council) made the gruelling trek up Mount Snowdon…and back down again.

People had travelled from all over the UK, Europe and as far as the United States to raise awareness for these deserving causes.

To all the Broxap staff and everyone else who took part – Well Done!
Climb for Autism | Broxap | 2016

Climb For Autism

Stay tuned for even more charity events which we will complete in the future…

Seen any events that you would like to get involved in?

We’ve put a list below of the events we’ve taken part in and the links to find out how you can get involved too ↓

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