Celebrating Street Furniture Through Poetry: Where Can we Find Broxap’s Street Furniture?

Each year Broxap celebrates World Poetry Day with a poem written specifically around our range of Street Furniture.

Celebrating poetry isn’t just a bit of fun, it’s an important form of literary communication.

We work with schools, to provide shelters, refuse facilities, seating, sports equipment, fitness equipment and playground equipment too.

But it doesn’t stop there… 

Here at Broxap we like to go the extra mile and through our blogs,  promote new innovative ways of getting children interested in topics such as littering, as well as helping to get children outdoors, active, and experiencing new ways of learning.

So once you have finished reading our little rhyme, why don’t you spend the time, encouraging children to create their own, about the street furniture they can see from their home

Download our poem here for inspiration!

Broxap Street Furniture Poem. | Street Furniture | Broxap

Broxap Street Furniture Poem.

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