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Community Gardening Projects with Broxap | Urban Green Spaces

Every generation from every culture has relied on agriculture since early man first discovered tools. In the UK today, gardening is often a project or a hobby, not a necessity. However for anyone who has an allotment, a garden, or a hanging basket, it still evokes a sense of worth.

At Broxap, we are strong believers in the importance of gardening. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to community gardens, their impact, and the best projects to take part in.

National Gardening Week

One way to celebrate is through the Royal Horticultural Society’s National Gardening Week. Each year, this takes place around the end of April and the start of May.

Even if you struggle to grow cress-hair for an eggshell person, there’s plenty of ways to take part! The RHS has some wonderful suggestions of ways to celebrate National Gardening Week alone or as a group.

Our favourite ideas are those which involve the community through gardening projects such as nurturing a neglected space in your area or organising activities in a park.

Britain in Bloom

If you want to turn National Gardening Week activities into something more long-term, consider getting involved with Britain in Bloom. The British Tourist Board created this ongoing, year-round project 1963 as a way of promoting different regions. It is now organised by the RHS.

The focus remains on local pride and environmental beauty. As a competition, there are many different categories which cover horticultural achievement, community participation, and environmental responsibility.

Britain in Bloom announce each year’s finalists in the January, with judging taking place throughout August. This ‘long-form’ competition means there’s always time to take part in community gardening by supporting ongoing projects and campaigns.

There’s also the chance to register a new group for the following year’s competition if you can’t find a team local to you. If you want to get started, take a look at the full list of local groups or register here.

Gardening Projects for a Blossoming Community

‘Bloom Groups’ see an improvement in their area’s appearance and often their local economy as a result. In addition to this, the RHS have said they see a stronger sense of community and environmental awareness in participating regions. This means anti-social behaviour reduces and wildlife increases.

At Broxap, we are proud that our home, Newcastle-under-Lyme, is renowned for its past success in the annual competition. Due to a broadening list of competition categories, your group can tailor its activities to the local area’s needs.

Gardening is an activity which has its roots in millennia of human heritage. So whether it’s a community project or a personal venture, we think that’s worth celebrating. With our planters seen in streets, parks, and schools all over the country, we hope to see more and more community spaces blossoming with pride.

Community Gardening Projects with Broxap | Urban Green Spaces

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