Reducing the Risk of Childhood Obesity through Physical Activity

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Childhood obesity is a growing concern, year in year out the statistics surrounding this national epidemic increase, and with that so does the health risk that it poses to our children.

It is said that over half of all seven-year-olds are not doing enough exercise. But why?

Children love getting out and getting active and some of the best exercises, are the most enjoyable for our youngest citizens.

It is recommended that children, who fall into the 5-16 age bracket, should be active for at LEAST 60 minutes of the day. This is such a small amount of time, but so many of them, are simply not achieving it.

Children under five require to be active for three times the recommended time of those over five – but due to their size and stature activity can be as small as playing with interactive toys.

Exercise is essential for all children, and when combined with a healthy diet, it can help to keep them fit and healthy, and reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Daily physical activities do not have to be difficult or taxing in any way; as long as their hearts are pumping faster than normal they will be burning off excess calories.

Children love running around and having fun! Physical activities are fun!

So we have devised a list of the best and most enjoyable exercises for children to enjoy daily! Take a look below:


Swimming is a fun way to keep fit and healthy.

Children love being in the water and splashing about, and not to mention, swimming is an important key life skill, so starting them early will benefit them later in life.

On top of this, swimming isn’t just great fun for children, it is great fun for adults too.

Therefore, swimming is the perfect way for families to spend time together and keep fit at the same time!

Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture



Outdoor play is a fantastic way for children to keep fit and healthy.

It’s both fun and practical, and there are lots of different activities which they can participate in, which will provide both enjoyment, and exercise.

Children who love to play, which is most of them, can enjoy the physical benefits of trim trails, activity centres, climb-a-rounds and play sculptures at both school and in their local park.

Broxap’s playground division Hand Made Places design, manufacture and install a range of playground equipment which not only helps to keep children active – but also helps to develop a range of important key skills.

Physical outdoor play alone can provide a child with the full recommended amount of physical activity. Stretching, swinging, and climbing on equipment will get their heart pumping as well as helping to strengthen and improve the flexibility in both the bones and muscles.

Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture

Physical Outdoor Play


Cycling to brand new places is always a great adventure to any child. And with their vast imaginations, it doesn’t have to be somewhere new! They can simply imagine they’re on a far off adventure.

Whether it be cycling to school or a day out along one of many national cycle routes; children will love getting on their bikes.

Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise – but because it’s so fun, they won’t even notice all of the work they’re doing.

At Broxap we have a range of cycle parking facilities which make cycling even more enjoyable.

Because knowing there is somewhere safe to store your cycle is half the fun!

Many schools now have cycle parking as part of a sustainable travel, or healthy living scheme, so make the most of them, and… Get on your bike!

Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture



Walking can be fun for children, especially when ‘Walking Games’ are played along the way.

Enjoying family walks along nature trails, and through parks and green spaces can lead to some interesting, and educational games.

Why not go for a walk and play ‘I Spy’ a fun childhood game that can help young children to identify elements which surround them every day. Youngsters can identify animals, trees, insects and many different objects.

Being out and about, amongst nature will not only help children to maintain a healthy weight, but it will also help towards ensuring children have a healthy relationship with and respect for nature.

Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture



There are lots of fun sports children can get involved in to keep them both fit and healthy.

From football to tennis, any sport you can think of will provide some amount of beneficial exercise.

Sports are a great way to get children up and active, and many schools have extra-curricular activities as well as clubs and regular P.E. lessons to help spark an interest. Whether your child is a football fanatic, or a budding gymnast, there will be something to help engage your littlest family members.

Although these facilities are available both in and outside of school, children do not have to attend any of these clubs to get involved in sports. Children can just take a football, a bat and ball or cricket set down to their local park with their friends or family and just play for fun!

Our sports division, Stadia Sports, provide a range of sporting products which can help to keep your little ones active. From football goals for your garden, to professional club goals – we truly can cater to your sporting needs.

Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture

Sporting Activities

Outdoor Fitness Areas

The ultimate activity to help improve fitness levels in children comes from having outdoor exercise machines for children.

Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment can help to improve lung and heart health whilst also helping to control weight and aid in outdoor fun at both school and in the park.

Exercise equipment is specially designed to combine both practicality with fun to create the ultimate child’s exercise.

Our partners over at Sunshine Gym design and install a range of exciting equipment for children up and down the UK.

Find out more about the benefits of Children’s Outdoor Fitness on Sunshine Gym’s website.


Exercise for Children | Broxap | Street Furniture

Outdoor Fitness Areas.

Broxap, along with its multiple divisions promote and encourage physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We feel strongly about the health and well-being of everyone, especially our nation’s children, and this is why we encourage exercise in all of its forms.

As experts in the fields of play equipment, sports equipment, cycle parking and outdoor fitness equipment, we are the one stop shop for all of your healthy lifestyle needs.

Contact one of our trained advisers today for more information about any of our brilliant street furniture or play, sports or fitness equipment.