Quality Learning Experiences Offered by Outdoor Classroom Day

In the UK, Outdoor Classroom Day celebrations are led by the charity Learning through Landscapes as part of the international Dirt is Good movement.

The aim of the campaign is to see outdoor playtime protected and outdoor lessons increased to a weekly occurrence.

That’s because encouraging children to learn outside the classroom leads to better immune systems and a greater sense of environmental responsibility. Hence, ‘Dirt is Good’.

However, as the campaign has evolved, education practitioners have found many other reasons to celebrate outdoor learning…

The Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms and Learning Outside

Outdoor learning is vital to child development and teaching quality. Here are some of the most significant benefits children will see when their teachers take learning outside.

  • Learning becomes a natural instinct.
  • Children start to interact in different ways.
  • Schools can save money to invest elsewhere.
  • Teachers spend less time tidying and more time teaching.

Curious how outdoor teaching leads to all this? Let’s take a look in more detail…

Learning as Second-Nature

There’s a lot to be said for ‘breaking the mould’ in schools. When you take teaching out of the classroom, you remind your pupils that learning is not restricted to one situation.

This means that pupils used to learning in non-structured ways are much more likely to continue those processes elsewhere. Therefore, teaching outdoors will develop inquisitive minds, always ready to learn

Seeing in a Different Light

When children are in a different environment, they tend to engage in different ways and make new friends.

Even if you do the same or similar activities to usual, moving the classroom to the ever-changing outdoors will refresh the content. Furthermore, the excitement of being away from their desks will mean pupils are unlikely to be bothered by the mixing up of social groups!

Maximised Space

As class sizes increase, many schools struggle to find enough room for efficient teaching and comfortable learning. If a teacher is stressed about space or if a pupil is uncomfortable, very little learning is going to take place!

There is simply a need to provide more space for less money. You can even use the same covered area for outdoor dining or to allow ‘outdoor’ playtime even in the rain.

Minimised Mess

A beaker of paint-water knocked over in the classroom can send a whole art lesson into disarray. When you take carpet tiles and plaster walls out of the equation, you also remove a great deal of stress!

Lots of children don’t get enough opportunity to express themselves creatively. However with an outdoor classroom and less time spent on extensive clean-ups, teachers can offer far more artistic lesson plans.

Making Outdoor Learning a Reality

Canopied outdoor classrooms are now increasingly widespread. In fact, our own range of outdoor classrooms are hugely popular across the UK.

If you’re a parent or education practitioner inspired by Outdoor Classroom Day, get in touch with our experts to discuss your outdoor learning options, and share this article using the links below.