Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care: Project & Design Spotlight

Outdoor Design for Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care Centres and Housing

When designing or renovating a building for rehabilitation, care or retirement, there are plenty of interior features to consider. However, outdoor living is also important to quality care. Therefore we’ve put together a guide to designing an outdoor area which suits care centres and multi-occupancy housing.

Particularly beneficial elements you can cover in the grounds of a rehabilitation, retirement or care centre are:

  • Comfortable seating,
  • Mental stimulation,
  • Physical activity.

There are, of course, various ways you can incorporate these aspects of care separately within the grounds of a retirement home or rehabilitation centre. Alternatively, you can combine elements of external works in order to create a cohesive plan for benefitting from outdoor living.


Designing an Outdoor Seating Area

Firstly, you need to pick benches or seats which combine comfort with convenience; take a look at our guide to accessible seating design for ideas.

Next you must consider the value your seating area provides. For example, when investing in external works for projects in the UK, it’s important to take changeable weather into account!

We’re not suggesting it’s healthy to stay out in cold, windy rainstorms. However you can ensure clients get the most out of the seating area by ensuring it’s sheltered from light showers. For safety reasons, we would also recommend taking protection from UV rays into account.

Options for a covered seating areas include:

Design Tip

Installing an open pergola allows for the option of a ‘living roof’ with creepers and trailing foliage. This is a beautiful way of creating shade and could even improve air quality.

Designing an Outdoor Seating Area | Outdoor Design for Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care Centres and Housing

Broxap’s Open Pergola


Outdoor Areas for Mental Stimulation

There is increasing awareness of the importance of gardening for everyone, from older adults’ dexterity to children developing motor skills.

Raised beds and planters encourage people to engage in this rewarding activity without straining their joints.

Design Tip

Combine seating and garden areas so everyone can enjoy the green space whilst resting. You could even use the area for mindfulness activities which improve wellbeing and cognitive functions.

Outdoor Areas for Mental Stimulation | Outdoor Design for Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care Centres and Housing

Landscaped Garden at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital


Outdoor Activities for Physical Rehabilitation

The hospital garden pictured above is a great example of outdoor care. That’s because, in addition to providing seating and shelter, they also installed a basketball hoop for promoting physical activity! See the full case study here.

Another way of enhancing outdoor living as part of a care package is to install outdoor gym equipment for rehabilitation.

Design Tip

In a project at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust, Broxap installed a bespoke canopy which allows patients to receive treatment whilst outside but close to the building. Why not apply this same principal and create a covered outdoor gym for a care home, rehabilitation centre or retirement complex?

Outdoor Activities for Physical Rehabilitation | Outdoor Design for Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care Centres and Housing

Sunshine Gym’s Outdoor Exercise Bike


Health & Social Care Project Spotlight: Get Inspired!

Broxap Bespoke Patient Canopy – Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust Hospital



Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Broxap created an outdoor treatment area with simplicity and practicality in mind.

See the case study


Broxap Buckingham Seat – Belong Care Village, Newcastle-under-Lyme



Belong Care Village, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Broxap supplied outdoor seating, bollards and cycle parking facilities.

See the case study


Broxap Willenhall Seat – Jack Berry House Malton Yorkshire



Rehabilitation Centre for Injured Jockeys, Malton

Broxap products provide an outdoor seating area featuring arm rests for assistance.

See the case study


Broxap Tensile Canopy at Retirement Development, Humberside



Retirement Complex, North Humberside Development

Broxap’s canopy means residents now have an outdoor area for socialising.

See the case study



Bespoke Outdoor Design for Rehabilitation, Retirement & Care

Since Broxap has an in-house design team, we have the means to design a canopy to suit a specific budget and requirement. One of our most popular shelters for the health and social care sector is the Delamere Timber Canopy, as a result of its highly customisable features.

Broxap Delamere Timber Monopitch Canopy for the Health and Social Care Sector.

The Delamere Timber Monopitch Canopy, perfect for the Health and Social Care Sector.

If you’re interested in working with Broxap on an outdoor design project, contact one of our external works experts today.