How to: Encourage Children to Get Involved in Litter and Recycling Activities.

Littering is a common cause for concern amongst residents, not just in the U.K. but across the globe.

We’re sure that you are no stranger to the facts and statistics about just how bad the litter is getting in our own towns and cities. As well as the more widespread issues affecting the world’s oceans!

That is why this blog won’t talk about the facts and the hard truths! It will instead give some insights into how we can encourage the younger generations to get more enthusiastic about litter prevention, and encourage recycling.

So take a look below for some light-hearted, and fun actives, which are designed to encourage our littlest members of society to prevent littering in their local area and/or school.

Keep Britain Tidy: #LitterHeroes.

Here at Broxap we love to give a shout out to the people over at Keep Britain Tidy for their ongoing work to encourage litter prevention.

Throughout the year they hold many different interesting events which are great for children to get involved in.

Towards the beginning of the year they hold the ‘Great Big School Clean’ a cleaning event which encourages children at school to pick up litter from their playground and put it in the bins provided.

This is a great event as it encourages children, from age four up to school leavers age (18) to get involved in litter prevention.

Though the event only lasts just one day, it encourages children to be ‘Litter Aware’. Thus meaning that they are much more likely to litter less in the future.


Though the above event is only held once a year, Keep Britain Tidy have the #LitterHeroes campaign running all year round. This is a great one for young children.

The #LitterHeroes event is comprised of organised town clean ups for which members ‘litter pick‘ whilst wearing a super hero costume!

The turnout is usually amazing, from Spiderman to Wonder Woman they really do come out in force.

Why not organise your very own #LitterHero litter pick of your own. You can encourage your littlest sign-ups to come as your favourite hero…. Or they can create their own!

Children could make costumes from recycled products or bin bags. You could even hold a school competition for the best outfit and super hero name!

That is sure to get people excited about litter prevention.

Encourage Crafty Creations Using Recycled Materials

Following on from our previous section, you can use recycled products to make more than just super hero costumes.

Many products are often disposed of quickly, but if you encourage children to keep broken egg shells and collect old toilet tubes you can create a whole host of fun crafty pieces.

First of all let’s look at egg shells.

Egg shells are widely recycled and you could just place them straight into the food bin!

…However if you want to encourage your pupils/children to get a little bit creative, as well as encouraging an appreciation for nature, why not get them to make ‘Eggy Heads’ or ‘Cress Heads.’

Such a simple and effective idea which can help develop both creative skills as well as instilling an appreciation for plant life and encouraging an inquisitive nature.

All you need is an egg shell, some soil, cress seeds, googly eyes and a pen!

Secondly, Empty Toilet Tubes!

You can make a whole host of fun and interesting things with toilet tubes, from rockets to castles, and people to houses.

You name it, you can make it!

But our personal favourite is ‘Cupcake Case Houses!’ take a look at our ‘How to’ provided by our playground equipment partners Hand Made Places.

These aren’t the only crafts which you can create with recycled materials. Why not have a go at thinking of some more to do in class with your pupils?

Creating new fun things out of ‘rubbish’ will help you to demonstrate to pupils the benefits of recycling.

They will be faced with the realisation that rubbish can be re-used into something just as useful.

A great lesson for our younger generation.

Spruce up Your School Bins

Children love a good cartoon character!  They are often more engaged in an activity if they have an anthropomorphic character whom they can relate too.

That’s why we think a brilliant way to get children more excited about appropriate litter disposal is to have bins with funny characters on them.

You could come up with your own characters to put on your bins!

…Like ‘Reggie the Recycling Racoon’ or ‘Betsie the Bin it Baboon’ . You could even have a villain too, because no one wants to be like ‘Linda the Littering Llama’

These are just some of our silly ideas. You could get the children at your school to come up with something even better!

Print your own characters to stick on the bins at school, or update your existing recycle bins with some new Internal SEPR8 Recycling Bins which are customisable to suit your needs.

You can have a bespoke vinyl of your characters added to your bin!

Make Posters or Anti-Littering Signs in Class

Yet another cool, crafty idea, but this one has a specific message!


Children can be encouraged to create posters which they can stick around school. These should encourage other children to dispose of their litter correctly.

You can let the children come up with their own slogans.  Or give them an existing slogan and watch their creativity flow.

Making signs and posters which they can proudly display in the corridors is a great way to encourage children to take pride in their school, meaning that they are less likely to litter.

This is a fun activity which children should really enjoy! So why not get creative and see what your class come up with.

See our example below:

Click here to download this fabulous poster to use in your own school halls!

Finally, Ensure Your School Has Enough Litter Bins!

This one is a little more on the serious side!

Make sure that your school has enough litter bins, and that they are positioned optimally.

Litter bins shouldn’t just be placed randomly, school teachers, cleaning staff and board of directors should come together to pin point high litter areas, and these should be targeted first.

You can place more bins in food halls, in eating hot spots, and in any spaces which you have been identified as being particularly bad for littering.

You should also look at the type of bins which you have, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could that regular bin be replaced with a recycling bin?

  • Could I perhaps place a bin with a larger capacity in this problem area?

  • Should we use a different more inviting bin style to encourage litter disposal, or make the bin more visible?

If any of the answers to the above questions are yes, then Broxap will have the appropriate LitterBin for you!

Take a look at our full range online for more information, or contact one of our trained sales advisors.

To conclude, children love getting involved in fun activities, and thus why not make use of this by promoting ethical messages at the same time.

Our youngest generation are the future, and thus they are protecting their planet for themselves so it is extremely important that we encourage good habits in children from a young age.

For more information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us here!