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Going Back to school with Broxap | Broxap School Day

We’re taking a look at how Broxap does their bit to improve each aspect of the school day! Take a look at our list of school equipment needs…

It’s that time again! Time for our little ones to go back to school. Most parents either dread it or long for it… Either way it is still a time of year which is full of uncertainty for pupils, parents and teachers too!

Parents, pupils and staff all have to get themselves back into a routine. Pupils especially need to re-adjust themselves to the strict school structure, and this isn’t easy.

However, here at Broxap we have a range of products which can help the new school year to run just that little bit more smoothly.

So look below…we are going to take you through your first day of school, Broxap style! Starting with that all important “School Run“! 

The School Run

The school run doesn’t necessarily have to mean piling the children into the car, and getting stuck in that school rush hour traffic. Getting to school should be a fun experience for both parents and pupils.

In order to achieve this we should make a concerted effort to encourage our children to cycle, scoot or walk to school. Using these methods of sustainable travel can make the mornings less stressful for everyone.

Furthermore, it allows children to have a burst of exercise in the mornings, keeping them fit and healthy. Not only this, but it is also both environmentally and economically friendly too.

At Broxap we work closely with Modeshift, a company whose aim is to encourage sustainable travel. With this partnership schools can apply for funding awards, as well as advice and information on a school travel plan. The funding can go towards receiving safe and secure cycle and scooter parking at your school.

Going Back to school with Broxap | Cycling to School

Why not take a look at one of our recent projects to see what other schools have done?

We installed a range of safe and secure cycle parking for a school in Leicester which proved to inspire plenty of activity!


Outdoor Learning

Often when children return from their summer break they can become easily distracted and somewhat restless. In order to tackle the back to school blues, schools should try innovative ways of encouraging children to take part in lessons.

One sure fire way to do this is to take the class outside. By allowing children the freedom of learning outdoors, they are much more likely to concentrate on the lesson. It also means they are much more likely to get involved.

At Broxap we design, manufacture and install a range of outdoor classrooms. A project at a school in Defford demonstrates how outdoor classrooms promote an enhanced learning experience. It provides the school with a classroom environment without the restraints of the indoors!

Going Back to school with Broxap | Outdoor Learning

Break Time

Play time is most children’s favourite time of day. They get to run outside and burn off that excess energy which builds up during classroom time. With the use of playground equipment from our Hand Made Places division, children improve key developmental skills whilst they play!

Physical play equipment such as trim trails and climbing frames can benefit children’s physical health. Furthermore, equipment such as finger mazes provide just as much fun but also help pupils to develop skills such as maths and science.

Going Back to school with Broxap | Playground Equipment

A recent project which Hand Made Places completed at Old Dalby C of E Primary School demonstrates how you can transform a smaller space.

This area is now a full playground which helps to develop a range of different skills.


Getting Back to the Classroom

With the amount of pupils increasing, schools are having to expand. When schools expand they tend to use separate buildings meaning that children have to walk from building to building leaving them exposed to all types of weather conditions.

At Broxap we have a great solution to this problem! Schools which require pupils to move buildings in between lessons can use a covered walkway.

These walkways will keep pupils dry and protect them from harmful UV rays. This ensures that they are safe and comfortable whilst on school grounds. It also helps to stop meandering pupils from getting lost between lessons!

Contrasting installations at Elmbridge School and Allens Croft Primary reveal quite how effective these covered walkways are.


Going Back to school with Broxap | Getting around

Time for Some Lunch!

You can make lunch times even more exciting by banishing those post-summer blues! To do this, why not encourage pupils to dine alfresco? Moving away from the school building, or even just the constraints of the indoors, will allow pupils to reset. Thus, they will be more prepared for the rest of the school day. On top of that, a ‘picnic’ at school with friends is also a lot of fun.

Here at Broxap we know that in September the weather can sometimes be quite varied. This means that a picnic isn’t always possible! Or is it?

At Broxap we design, manufacture and install a range of outdoor dining areas which offer a solution no matter what the weather. These dining areas can also include litter bins, encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their rubbish.

Going Back to school with Broxap | Lunch Times

A recent example takes pride of place at The Kingsway School in Cheadle. This outdoor dining area provides a section of outdoor space next to the main school building which can be used in any weather, thus providing a genuine outdoor dining experience.


Lesson Time (Again!)

Broxap makes lessons easy, especially when it comes to PE. Here at Broxap we have a wide range of cloakroom furniture. Broxap’s benches and lockers make getting changed a breeze!

As well as our range of cloakroom products, our Sunshine Gym division also enhances PE time!

With a range of outdoor gym equipment, we can help to turn any outdoor space into a fullly fledged fitness area.

Going Back to school with Broxap | Outdoor Gym Equipment

For example, a school in Stockport transformed their unused area using just six pieces of equipment. Sunshine Gym’s school packages encourage children to get fit and stay fit, with their fun and gentle exercise machines.


Time to go Home

Once that bell rings and it’s finally time to go home, pupils often rush through the gates to find their parents or carers. However, this sea of pupils can sometimes be disconcerting for staff; it’s their job to ensure pupils are picked up safely by their designated guardian.

Going Back to school with Broxap | Parent Waiting

At Broxap we have a solution for the end of day rush. Waiting canopies installed on school premises make a perfect “designated pick up point” for parents waiting for their children.


Raising the Game with School Equipment

Broxap’s products can help to make your school day run more smoothly, whether that be for the staff, the parents or the pupils. Our vast range of school equipment enables staff and parents across the country to promote learning and fitness whilst still incorporating plenty of fun!

People say that your school days are the best days of your life and with Broxap we can aim to make this statement true.