Commercial Grit Bins: Your Questions Answered

There are no strict rules in the UK about the use of commercial grit bins. However, there are a few things employers and business owners should consider in terms of best practice for wintry weather. For information on how to grit a site, take a look at our Broxap guide: Why, How & When to Use Grit Bins.

Commercial Grit Bins: Key Information for Employers & Business Owners

Who can use council grit bins?

For private and commercial sites, such as a workplace car park or your driveway at home, you cannot use the contents of a council grit bin.

However, if you’re improving public safety by gritting (council-owned) roads and pavements leading up to your business’s property, you are actively encouraged to use council grit bins.

Do businesses need to buy grit bins?

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and visitors, so it is highly important to be prepared for dealing with icy conditions. As such, the vast majority of businesses will need more than a sprinkle of table salt!

Commercial Grit Bins

Since salt and sand can be affected by moisture, it therefore follows that you’ll need a designated grit bin for a commercial site. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy grit bins that are any different from those purchased by UK councils. The main consideration is the size of your site.

View our How to Choose a Grit Bin article for a breakdown of grit bin capacities and other things to consider when making a purchase.

Thank you for taking an interest in workplace winter safety!

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