The Importance of the Park Bench

Park Bench
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The Importance of the Park Bench

The park bench is often an overlooked piece of street furniture. This great addition to our streets, should not be taken for granted. The park bench is for many, a symbol for friendship. It is used within society as a meeting space, and also a place to sit and talk. From the Friendship Bench system that schools have adopted for their playgrounds, to the less explicit chat about the weather, the park bench has been bringing communities together for years.

Why is the Park Bench so Important?

New research has shown that park benches are an asset to our lives and to our communities. Not only is the park bench great for encouraging you to go outside, its simplicity allows you to take in your natural surroundings. It is suggested that if you sit outside amongst nature for at least half an hour you can dramatically reduce stress. By eating your lunch on a park bench,  you can improve your mood, thus increasing your concentration and productivity at work. Who knew such a simple piece of street furniture could have such an impact?

Outdoor seating not only reduces stress in workers, it can also improve the lives of elderly people too. Elderly people are suffering more and more from mental illnesses with 28% of women over 65 being diagnosed with depression. Depression in elderly people is a result of many different factors, with one of the key factors being isolation. Loneliness can cause excess stress on the body and this can result in chronic diseases including heart failure! However, by sitting on park benches older people are more likely to interact with people their age. Thus enabling them to make friends for life. Not to mention that having a place to sit down gives older people a place to rest whilst they walk.

Though a park bench’s primary use it to enable you to sit down, it can actually be used to improve fitness too! Having a place to rest in-between workouts encourages people to walk or jog more often. This is because they feel that they can set achievable targets. Park benches are extremely versatile! They can even be used for quick lunch break workout! A park bench can be used for lunges, step ups, dips and much more!

Our Range.

At Broxap we have a wide range of park benches that will fit within any surrounding. Our traditional cast iron benches, like the Eastgate Seat, do not disturb the natural aesthetic of the park. This means that adding benches will not divert from the parks heritage. Other more contemporary benches, like the Desford I Seat, can make a park look more modern and are great for giving old parks a great new look.

Broxap design, manufacture and install a number of park benches and seats that suit your needs. We believe that everyone should benefit from relaxing in an outdoor park or green space, and having multiple benches and seating areas allow everyone to enjoy the benefits that community parks have to offer!