Takeaways can keep it clean with Broxap’s help

Takeaways can keep it clean with Broxap’s help
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Takeaway food businesses are being held to account over littering.
New powers have been handed to councils in England allowing them to set stricter rules for proposed new hot food takeaways when considering planning applications.
Central to the new guidance is making sure more litter bins and external recycling bins are installed to reduce rubbish in the surrounding area.

Cleaner town centres

The guidance is designed to make sure takeaway food businesses play their part in cleaning up high streets.
Figures show that fast food items are the fourth most common type of litter found on UK high streets.
Councils now have clear, consistent advice on what rules can be enforced when new takeaways open, such as ensuring they install more litter bins and anti-litter signage.
The move is part of a series of measures set out in the Build Back Better High Streets Strategy to improve the public realm and create safer and cleaner spaces.

What type of bin can takeaways install?

At Broxap Street Furniture, we design and manufacture the toughest, most durable litter and recycling bins available on the market.
As the new guidance is directed at takeaways, litter bins and even recycling bins are most likely going to be positioned outdoors in the streets surrounding the business.
Steel litter bins, such as our Derby Standard Litter Bin, are ideal for these locations.
With a unique door bar hinge system, not a single door from our Derby Standard Litter Bins has been forcibly removed in more than 25 years.
The Derby Standard can be found in town, city and village centres across the UK and is a firm favourite among local authorities.
It is available with a choice of finishes and coatings designed to withstand factors such as graffiti.
Ashtrays and cigarette stubbing plates can also be included in the Derby Standard Litter Bin design.
Wheelie Bin Housings are another good choice for commercial areas with high footfall and high usage.
Our range of Wheelie Bin Housings comes in a range of sizes, all featuring large capacities from 120 litres to 360 litres, while the Trojan Recycling Bin can house wheelie bins up to 1,100 litres.
Takeaways in heritage zones may consider cast iron litter bins in keeping with their surroundings.
At Broxap we also offer an extensive range of plastic litter bins.
The Maelor Trafflex High Security Litter Bin is available in a range of sizes and includes a steel frame to prevent it being overturned. It is manufactured in part from recycled materials.
Stainless Steel Litter Bins are always eye-catching, with research showing that the visibility of litter bins encourages more people to use them.

External recycling bins for takeaway businesses

The type of packaging used by takeaways mean external recycling bins should also be considered.
These can be designed to separate different types of recyclable waste such as tins and glass and paper, as well as collect litter.
Our recycling bins are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and materials to suit the different needs of takeaway businesses.
These include the high capacity Derby Quad Recycling Bin and Derby Triple Recycling Bin; the iconic Derby Richmond Recycling Bin; the modern Athena Double Litter and Recycling Bin; and the Derby Double Slimline Recycling Bin.
Choosing the right bin can be done in collaboration with local authorities which may specify the make and model of Broxap bin to be installed.

How can takeaways encourage customers to dispose of litter responsibly?

A good litter bin strategy should ensure bins are in accessible places, are easy to spot, emptied regularly and located in areas of high need.
Overflowing bins can often be part of the littering problem so large capacity litter and recycling bins are an ideal solution.
For takeaways, installing litter bins outside the business location and within the wider area is a good idea. The shape, position and number of apertures also helps to make a litter or recycling bin more accessible.
Meanwhile our customisation service is an excellent tool for encouraging customers to dispose of litter and recyclable waste properly.
This can be through different coloured backing plates, laser cut text, the addition of bright, attractive graphics and the opportunity to feature brand names, logos and slogans.
Broxap can also support takeaways with indoor recycling bins, such as the Daventry Internal Recycling Bin which can be designed to collect food waste.

Our teams are experts in designing the right bin for the right location.
Takeaway businesses and local authorities working to reduce litter can contact our sales advisers via phone, email or webchat to discuss their litter and recycling bin needs.