Broxap Bandstand set to Feature at the Heart of a Community

Broxap Bandstand set to Feature at the Heart of a Community

Raunds, an attractive market town in Northamptonshire, has a new focal point adorning the main square. The installation of a Broxap Bandstand comes as a dual solution – it will be a sociable seating area bringing structure back to the spot where a tree once stood. When a tree had to be removed for safety reasons, the local council decided to use seating to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the area. Significantly, local groups are already looking forward to using the bandstand for their projects! Music ensembles, children’s activities, and even public safety workshops will take place there in the coming months.  
This will solidify the market square as the heart of the community.
  Councillors Lee Wilkes, Richard Levell, Steven North and Wendy Brackenbury recently celebrated the assembly of the bandstand; CCTV and Broxap seating are soon to follow, completing the project as a sociable, inclusive feature of the town.  
“78% of older people don't think that their town suits their needs, preventing them from leaving their homes and doing their shopping as often as they would like.”

– Jane Ashcroft, Standing Up 4 Sitting Down

  In 2015, The Young Foundation released a report on the importance of public benches in communities. As a result, they concluded that the role of benches was not limited simply to a place to rest! The report states that, in fact, benches act as a “social resource”.  
“Benches function as a social resource: they are flexible places to spend time at no cost”

Benches for Everyone, 2015

  Public seating allows even the most isolated members of society the opportunity to connect with others. Benches within a bandstand also allow you to take a break from a busy life; it’s a chance to escape commercialism for a brief time, and simply watch the world go by.
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