Are you a #litterhero? Broxap backs the Great British Spring Clean

Broxap backs the Great British Spring Clean
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Are you a #litterhero? Broxap backs the Great British Spring Clean

At Broxap, we believe in making the places where we live, work and visit the very best they can be.
We are constantly innovating and developing new products to help local authorities, builders, architects and other stakeholders create welcoming spaces with social purpose.
The importance of street furniture can sometimes be easy to overlook.
But creating environments that enhance the wellbeing of everyone who experiences them relies on a high-quality infrastructure.
And that’s when skilfully-made products such as seating, shelters and planters really make a difference by adding to the value of an area.
Litter and recycling bins are top of the list when it comes to investing in an inviting public realm.
Broxap has 75 years of experience in the street furniture industry and offers the most comprehensive collection of litter and recycling bins in the UK.
Made at our North Staffordshire fabrication plant, they are the toughest on the market and built to withstand repeated action.
So when it comes to Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean, we salute the #litterheroes who are putting bins to use every day.

Get picking

The Great British Spring Clean takes place from May 28 to June 13, 2021 and registration is open now.
Following existing hygiene, outdoor gathering and social distancing measures, campaign group Keep Britain Tidy is calling on individuals and groups to pledge their support.
Whether it is committing just an hour to the cause or signing up to daily litter picks around parks, beaches and neighbourhood streets, every step counts towards a cleaner, greener environment.
As well as a concentrated clean-up, the campaign also acts as a prompt to think about making a long-term difference by investing in facilities.
At Broxap, we use our extensive expertise to come up with functional litter bin designs to suit a wide range of needs.
It could be that swapping to a large capacity bin in a busy public area instantly creates an impact by making it easier for people to get rid of their rubbish.
We’ve even considered how to make bins easy to empty, with ThinkBin waste management technology alerting refuse collectors to bins which are more than 80 per cent full.
For workplaces hoping to get on board with the Great British Spring Clean we have a range of stylish, modern designs that blend seamlessly with contemporary surroundings.
Or for heritage locations hoping to encourage visitors to clean up we can provide traditional or branded products.
Whatever the budget, we have a solution.

Any time, any place, any waste

Of course, like Keep Britain Tidy we are encouraging people to put their waste in a bin all year round.
Across the UK more and more people are going litter picking as they become fed up with seeing rubbish lying around.
A recent BBC feature focused on the volunteers who are taking it upon themselves to keep their communities clean.
Some areas have even organised regular working groups to build a sense of community pride.
At Broxap, we believe the right look and function of a bin depends on how people will be using it –getting the right bin in the right place can encourage people not to drop litter.
If a high street is cluttered or narrow, then a post-mounted litter bin might be the answer.
For rural locations with less frequent collections, bins should be secure enough to prevent waste falling out.
Broxap bins can be fitted with ashtrays and stub plates, pest control devices, lids or easy-access apertures.
We can also supply hygienic dog waste bins, or multi-purpose bins.
From laybys to picnic spots, our advisers have a wealth of experience in helping our customers to identify the best way of getting everyone to follow better habits.

Recycle on the go

We are passionate about recycling too.
Reducing litter doesn’t stop at the bin – cutting waste in general is a step towards changing the world for the better.
Our work has included involvement in high-profile projects such as #LeedsByExample, giving a bright new look to recycling facilities that is difficult to ignore.
We are happy to talk to clients about their ideas and how we can support all efforts to Keep Britain Tidy.

So make Broxap part of your green team and implement a no-excuses approach to keeping communities clean and tidy.

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