Broxap Goes Green: Our Plans to Reduce Plastic Waste Throughout the Company.

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Broxap Goes Green: Our Plans to Reduce Plastic Waste Throughout the Company.


As of September 1st 2019, Broxap are implementing a strict green initiative across our factory! With one clear aim – reduce our plastic waste. This initiative will initially see us reduce the plastic packaging used on all Broxap products, with a future aim to forgo all plastic packaging including the refusal to accept all imported items wrapped in excessive plastic wrap. Though at Broxap we have made the initial statement to REDUCE all plastic packaging. We have in fact set out to completely STOP the use of all shrink wrapped packaging by January 2020! Something which as a company we see as an achievable target.

Why do we need to reduce plastic waste?

Plastic is everywhere. It is one of the most commonly used packaging materials in the whole of the UK. 50% of all Plastics are Single Use | Broxap | Statistics  



However, the majority of the waste packaging, which we remove from our products is not widely recycled. In fact over 50% of all plastics are single-use meaning that they will end up in landfill, or the ocean! This is detrimental to our environment, as it can take upwards of 1,000 years for our plastics to bio-degrade. Think about that, the plastics which we use and then put into landfill today will still be there in the year 3019... In order to make a positive impact on the planet, we need to take a stand, and make a difference today.





Broxap’s history of plastics.

45 Tonnes of Plastic is Wasted Yearly | Broxap | Statistics



Historically Broxap have used large sheets of clear, heavy-duty plastic shrink wrap to protect finished  products when they are dispatched.  This shrink wrap is extremely heavy, and cumbersome. When removed it alone can take one whole bin! And that's just for the plastic. It is estimated that historically Broxap’s yearly amount of waste plastic packaging weighed in at an average of 45 tonnes! In 2018 as a company we used 25 and a half tonnes of plastic shrink wrapping. With an additional three and a half tonnes of bubble wrapping! This is why we are taking a stand and reducing our plastic packaging, today!





What are Broxap currently changing?

Staff at Broxap have already started to reduce the plastic packaging used in the factory. They have already stopped using the plastic shrink wrap on some of their most popular products.

Forgoing the plastic and replacing it with re-purposed corrugated cardboard has allowed us to still ensure products are protected during transport but without the use of environmentally harmful plastics. Additionally string has replaced plastic strapping to secure loose parts on certain products whilst in transport – ensuring (the best we can) a safe journey from our factory, to you, the customer. We have also started to protect our products with a “Black wrap” which is similar in structure to a cling film. This, though still a plastic, can be reduced into a small ball and thrown out with the regular rubbish. Stopping the need for multiple bins to remove plastic packaging waste.



What are Broxap’s plans for a green future?

  • To completely stop using shrink wrap plastic by January 2020.

As previously mentioned, our key aim is to stop the use of heavy-duty plastic shrink wrap. This will reduce the company’s plastic waste dramatically and is the perfect initial step in paving our way for a green future.

  • Reduce/ Elimiate the use of bubble wrapping in the business.

Our aim is to reduce the use of bubble wrapping within the business. Bubble wrap is a protective packaging which ensures that our products arrive to the customer in the same pristine condition that they left the factory. However we are looking to replace/reduce this by utilising the equally protective corrugated cardboard. This can then be re-purposed or recycled.

  • Re-purpose packaging where possible.

One of our key aims is to re-purpose packaging, from cardboard boxes through to broken timber palettes, they can all be re-purposed into new protective packaging. Our long term aim is to reduce all company waste. Finding new jobs for old packaging wherever possible.

  • Reject any deliveries which contain plastic.

Our final long term aim is to become a ‘plastic free’ business. Meaning that any imported elements will arrive to us without plastic and any plastic packaging will be rejected before the product is unloaded.

For more information on everything we are doing to reduce plastic, feel free to email our team today.

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