Broxap: UK street furniture manufacturer

Broxap: UK street furniture manufacturer
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Broxap: UK street furniture manufacturer

Did you know we’ve been around since 1946?
When you do business with Broxap Street Furniture, you’re working with a team of professionals led by the same family which founded the company.
You could even say we are all part of the furniture.
Because every department plays a crucial role in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of our seating, litter bins, bollards, planters and signage; shelters, canopies and walkways; timber playgrounds; sports; and outdoor gym equipment.
We use a multidisciplinary approach to supply high quality products followed up with outstanding customer service.
Here’s what you should know about Broxap Street Furniture.

Where is Broxap Street Furniture made?

Broxap occupies a six-acre site in Chesterton, in Newcastle-under-Lyme borough, North Staffordshire.
All of our teams are based under the same roof, to offer the most efficient service to customers.
The site is split into office, production and warehouse units.
Our R&D, sales, purchasing, marketing, HR, IT and accounting departments are spread over two floors in the offices.
In the factory, our production operatives, engineers, and skilled craftspeople work together to build the orders to specification, assisted by our planning and quality control personnel.
In the warehouse, we distribute dozens of orders a day to our customers on site up and down the country.
Today the Broxap group is made up of five brands all focused on creating liveable, useable outdoor spaces.
At our core lies a dedication to creating street furniture and shelters, canopies and walkways which transform the cities, towns and villages we love into sociable, functional places.
These products are manufactured under the Broxap name. Hand Made Places focuses on timber playgrounds; Sunshine Gym supplies and designs outdoor gym equipment and Stadia Sports provides a vast range of sports kit and infrastructure including football goal posts and rugby posts which we make on site. is our online shop featuring the most comprehensive range of bollards, barriers and posts available in the country.

Where is Broxap based?

Broxap is UK-based and proud to fly the flag for manufacturing in this country.
The company started out in Harriseahead, just a few miles from where it operates today.
In 1974, founder Sydney Lee decided to relocate the factory to Chesterton and his family, who run the business today, remain committed to the  former mining village in the ST5 area.
In fact our site is currently undergoing a £5 million upgrade and refurbishment programme.
This not only underpins Broxap’s promise to continually reinvest in the business but also keeps our operations at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and innovation.

Who owns Broxap Street Furniture?

Sydney’s two sons John Lee and Robert Lee are at the helm of family owned Broxap.
Stacy, daughter to chairman John, and Rachel, whose dad Robert is managing director, also work in the business.
We have a loyal workforce with many members building their career with us over a number of years.
At Broxap we believe in recruiting and retaining the very best in the field and offer many CPD opportunities as well as apprenticeships and work experience.
We are lucky to also have a number of family groups working in the business, with relatives choosing to follow the employment paths of their loved ones.

What is classed as street furniture?

The UK is our home – and we make the furniture for it.
Whether it’s a bus shelter or a bench, we put time, care and effort into making our products the very best they can be, so residents, workers and visitors can all enjoy using them.
Wherever we live, we all go home to a town, city or village that makes use of street furniture, whether it be litter bins or railings.
Street furniture has purpose, and Broxap Street Furniture is designed to be the toughest, most durable products on the market.
Seating, picnic tables, signage, hanging basket stands, planters, tree guards, recycling bins, posts, rails, bollards, cycle parking stands and shelters are all classed as street furniture.  

Why do we need street furniture?

Street furniture gives function to outdoor spaces. It serves a need and aims to make life more comfortable for its users.
It could be used to provide a place to meet friends, a place to take shelter in bad weather or a where dog walkers can conveniently get rid of waste.
Street furniture is for the use of the public or a specific community and can help to encourage people to make more use of outdoor spaces.

What qualities should street furniture have?

Broxap Street Furniture offers high quality, long lasting products. Because we manufacture our street furniture on site we can customise most items to any particular need, shape or size. This could be adding armrests to a park bench or painting a litter bin in the town colours; fixing a crest to a planter or extending a table for wheelchair users.
Our range is one of the largest in the UK and is built to withstand the conditions unique to location.
Broxap street furniture is intended to serve generation after generation. Shop with us online today or give our teams a call to discuss your plans.

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