Repurposing pallets for a greener future

Repurposing pallets for a greener future
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Repurposing pallets for a greener future

Reuse before recycling – that’s our motto at Broxap Street Furniture.
We have always believed in manufacturing high quality products which deliver a long and durable performance.
So we understand the importance of extracting the best value and maximising the useful life of materials.
For us, that goes beyond the creation of a finished product. From sourcing raw materials to waste management, reducing the impact the life cycle of our goods has on the environment is a priority.
After all, we build furniture and infrastructure to help keep outdoor locations clean, green and more appealing.
We apply this thinking to all our business activities – including transportation and packaging.
Buying back usable wooden pallets following delivery of goods is one of our latest initiatives.

Recycling pallets with Broxap Street Furniture

We deliver to locations across the UK using haulage partners to transport our products.
Using this model we can select carriers according to location and consignment size to reduce unnecessary journeys.
Our transport department analyses our delivery requirements on a daily basis to maximise the use of available vehicles and multi-drop opportunities.
Where lorries are returning to our depot, we are now offering to buy back the delivery pallets.
At our factory we will check, repair and recondition the pallets to the necessary specification for reuse.
This is an economical solution to fulfilling our environmental responsibility, removing the obligation of disposal from the client, and supporting their health and safety procedures for keeping a tidy site.
The process also extends the life of the pallet, as all standard-sized pallets that we purchase are already reconditioned, while any pallets beyond repair will be 100 per cent recycled through our waste management systems.

Eco-friendly efforts for a sustainable business

At the start of 2020 Broxap Street Furniture eliminated the use of heavy-duty plastic heat shrink wrap from our packing processes.
This cut out the use of up to 25 tonnes of shrink wrap.
But we know we can always do better.
We have a cardboard reuse scheme already in place at our factory to complement the pallet project.
Cardboard that arrives with incoming materials is immediately separated out and reused to pack finished products.
All waste generated by our activities, including cardboard that can’t be reused, is segregated into dedicated skips for recycling by registered disposers.
In 2020 we recycled:

*115.6 tonnes of mild steel
* 3.1 tonnes of aluminium
* 1.5 tonnes of stainless steel.

Our timber waste is also separated out. Wood waste from our joinery shop is recycled in a number of ways including being used as animal bedding (softwood only) and biomass fuel.
Pallets which we can’t reuse will be dismantled, nails removed, and recycled. This diverts pallets from landfill.
Being an active part of a circular economy, in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, drives our innovation and positions us as a more resilient and sustainable business.
Other initiatives run by Broxap Street Furniture include our litter bin refurbishment programme; the introduction of new technology to reduce paint emissions; and the use of motion-sensor LED lights across our offices.
If you would like to work with Broxap Street Furniture and boost the green credentials of your placemaking scheme, get in touch today.

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