Shelter, locker, compound or hub – finding the right cycle parking solution

Shelter, locker, compound or hub – what is the right cycle parking solution?
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Shelter, locker, compound or hub – finding the right cycle parking solution

As the boom in cycling continues, so does the development of bike storage and parking solutions to meet changing needs and demand.
At Broxap, we draw on decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture and shelters to continually innovate and establish new concepts. We aim to not only meet expectation but go beyond it in terms of accessibility, strength, security and convenience.
At first glance, choosing a cycle parking infrastructure can be daunting.
When reviewing which product is right for a particular location or end user, there are a number of decisions to take into account.
These can help to shape the cycle parking solution customers are looking for.
Issues to think about when drawing up a cycle parking scheme include the size of the space available, whether the location is a high risk area and what the current and potential demand will be.
Are users looking for somewhere to park up for a couple of hours or do they need long-term storage?
Consider the type of racks, stands and parking systems that can be utilised, from standard Sheffield stands to two tier racks.
And of course, budget and value-for-money is always an important factor in any scheme.

Short-stay cycle protection for visitors

Venues with multiple visitors might prefer a cycle shelter for public use. This could include schools, healthcare settings or municipal buildings, where cycles need to be kept dry and secure for short periods of time, while keeping entrances hazard or obstacle free for other visitors.
A wide range of contemporary and traditional styles are available in either standard or customised dimensions. These types of shelters can also run side by side to extend capacity and can be finished in a choice of colour to complement the existing landscape.
Robust and versatile, a modular shelter is a cost-effective option that can be upgraded at future dates to accommodate growing need or provide enhanced features.
A cycle shelter usually consists of a solid, hard-wearing steel frame with a UV resistant plastic canopy over the cycle parking stands or racks. Different types of access options and end panels are also available, as well as anti-vandal features.

Added security for regular or long-stay users

A cycle compound is a good solution for workplaces or residential developments where cyclists may leave their bikes for extended periods or even overnight.
A compound is a fully enclosed unit housing the chosen parking racks or stands, usually with a single point of entry that can be locked. The design options for compounds are extensive and can be built as a feature of the site or to complement surroundings, such as mirroring the style of nearby buildings. They can include all-steel designs, galvanised and powder-coated, with slats or panels; mesh-style compounds or steel frames with timber cladding or polycarbonate panels that can be customised with graphics and signage.

Bringing cycle facilities together in a cutting-edge hub

A cycle hub takes secure parking to another level.
As well as the chosen racks or parking system, a hub can offer cycle repair facilities, information or help points, seating, vending and even lockers to store the likes of cycle helmets and bags.
Hubs are a fantastic way to link cyclists to various locations and are quite often found at transport intersections such as railway stations, car parks, park and ride or on key cycling routes.
Again, a hub is fully enclosed with enhanced, secure access, sometimes via a cycle hub membership.
This could include the issuing of smart, swipe or ID cards, fobs or entry codes. Lighting and CCTV are options to consider when designing a hub as well as ensuring a considerate layout to accommodate people with different types of bike such as trailer bikes and bicycle child seats. 

Cycle storage with individual style

A cycle locker is a much smaller scale storage option which encompasses robust security and anti-theft measures.
Again they house the chosen cycle parking stands but are fully enclosed and lockable, and have a neat, tidy space saving footprint.
These are a good choice for homes with one or more keen cyclists, residential complexes without garages or sheds, or workplaces with limited demand. They are also a great temporary solution for locations such as sites undergoing development or regeneration works, or when usual provisions are unavailable.
A bank of lockers can also be created where users prefer individual parking and storage for cycles.

At Broxap our expert teams are available to discuss ideas, solutions and considerations to ensure delivery of the right specification to serve both current and future cyclists.
As well as a comprehensive range of standard products, we have access to a team of in-house designers who can create bespoke, tailor-made solutions and we also offer a planning permission service should it be required.

To discuss the best cycle parking and storage scheme call us on 01782 564411.

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