Virtual site surveys supported by smart technology

Broxap holds virtual site surveys supported by smart technology
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Virtual site surveys supported by smart technology

Being in business for 75 years, we know a thing or two about moving with the times.
At Broxap we constantly evolve to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients and ensure they benefit from the latest advances in technology.
We use our vast experience to improve performance – particularly when it comes to cost and efficiency.
And passing this on to our customers is what makes us the single source supply partner of choice across a range of industries.
Our virtual site survey is a flexible and easy way to connect with us and lay the foundations of a successful project.

What is a virtual site survey?

Integrating tools such as smartphone photography and video conferencing is a convenient way to initiate a proposal.
The service helps to reduce disruption to our clients’ working day and enables our teams of advisers to more quickly set in motion the design, manufacture and installation of our products to order.
During initial contact with Broxap, we may ask to view the site in question remotely.
This can be through photographs, a virtual walkthrough using a live chat service, or video transferred by email or file sharing platforms.
We may also ask for measurements and information about site-specific features such as access points, drainage, manholes, or trees. 
Once we have the information to hand, our estimators will liaise with our engineers, purchasers, contracts managers and installers to develop an accurate and detailed quote with drawings if necessary.
We will call our clients to discuss design options, deadlines, clear up any queries and to keep an open dialogue. It could be that a virtual meeting is arranged to allow for screen sharing and real-time presentations.
And once all the information is collated, and our clients have received an itemised quote, we will get back in touch to talk through and confirm the works.

Will a representative visit in person?

Broxap offers free virtual site surveys and can arrange for a representative to carry out an inspection at a particular location if a virtual survey is not suitable.
When it comes to confirming an order, our professional site engineers can carry out a full topographical survey and electrical cable scan before commencing any works.

Are virtual surveys only used during lockdown?

While Broxap personnel have continued to work safely on site and from our North Staffordshire base throughout the coronavirus pandemic, virtual surveys are a highly efficient way to accelerate the quoting process.
The systems we use provide useful reference documents and data that is easy to assess and analyse.
The service is available to clients all year round so that we can supply precise information and feedback enabling projects to be launched in a timely manner.
Should we need to visit a site, we will routinely follow health and safety regulations, taking into account any specific Government guidance in force at the time.
See our infographic below for some easy to remember steps involved in a virtual site survey.
Or give us a call today to discuss how Broxap can move your project forward quickly and easily.

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