Happy Birthday to the NHS!

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Happy Birthday to the NHS!

NHS Project Spotlight: we’re looking back at a selection of ways NHS sites have delivered enhanced services to staff and patients. As you’re probably aware, today’s celebrations mark the 70th Anniversary of the day Aneurin Bevan launched the National Health Service. Thanks to the NHS, the UK has seen immense medical advances since 1948, including widespread immunisation and ground-breaking transplants. Therefore we at Broxap couldn’t be prouder to have contributed to various NHS projects. NHS70-National-Logo -NHS Project - Broxap

Royal Derby Hospital – A&E Canopy

This NHS project saw the creation of a shelter stretching round the curved profile of the Royal Derby A&E department. The reason for this installation was to ensure casualties arriving at the entrance could remain protected from the weather. Broxap’s cantilever canopy ensures sufficient protection from the point of arrival; it is therefore easier for paramedics to continue treatment as they leave the emergency vehicle. Royal Derby Hospital NHS Project - BroxapRoyal Derby Hospital NHS Project - Broxap

Harefield Hospital – Sun Therapy Terrace

It’s widely accepted that spending time outside has a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing. Therefore this hospital in Hillingdon wanted to allow as many patients as possible to benefit from fresh air and sunlight. To make this possible, they decided to install a canopy; the aim was to provide an outdoor area where patients could remain connected to necessary equipment such as breathing apparatus. When we came to this NHS project we found the best solution was a bespoke canopy connected to the building. With careful positioning of roof supports, the structure allows maximum space for patients and staff. Harefield Hospital Middlesex NHS Project - Broxap Harefield Hospital Middlesex NHS Project - Broxap

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus – Large-Scale Projects

This expansive NHS site required a series of canopies to enhance the provision of suitable outdoor spaces. This included the ground level exterior in addition to the roof terrace at the Royal Hospital for Children. As such, Broxap supplied UV resistant, waterproof fabric canopies. To further enhance the grounds, hospital management decided that this project would include playground equipment for young patients and visitors. Similarly to the Harefield Hospital, this was a case of promoting wellbeing by maximising the time we spend outside. Therefore, we installed a timber play area from our Hand Made Places division to put this into action. On the functional side of this NHS project, the hospital also required a long, glass canopy for their ‘Pick Up / Drop Off’ area. This makes the roads through and around the hospital campus much safer and increases the accessibility of the building; both important characteristics to secure for any NHS site. Queen Elizabeth University Hospital NHS Project - Broxap  Queen Elizabeth University Hospital NHS Project - BroxapQueen Elizabeth University Hospital NHS Project - Broxap  Queen Elizabeth University Hospital NHS Project - Broxap

Feeling inspired? There’s plenty you can do to celebrate the National Health Service’s tireless 70 years of life-changing work.

The official NHS70 website suggests several ways to support the organisation. For example:

There really is an NHS project for everyone, and there couldn’t be a worthier cause.

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