The Dolphin School, Bristol

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The Dolphin School, Bristol

Built within a confined space with limited access the Dolphin School in Bristol really does make the most of its unique space. Broxap were asked by Architect and the contractor of the project BAM Construction Ltd. to discuss how a series of canopies could be designed and installed within this confined area yet still offer maximum space and a light and airy feel.

BAM Construction Ltd. chose Broxap as we were able to offer a single point solution to the canopies quandry as well as provide other elements to the new build such as door barriers and cycle parking elements. This would give BAM the peace of mind of a single supplier with whom they could work on this tricky development.

Working closely with Architect and Contractor Broxap designed a series of monopitch canopies based around their Hartcliffe cantilever style canopy that would run throughout the school grounds giving maximum cover to pupils traversing the school grounds. To complement these canopies for the lower school Broxap used a timber Monopitch canopy. This gave the Early Years area a softer and more natural appeal to younger children using it but remained in sync with the other school canopies.

Canopy roofs were clad in Multiwall Polycarbonate to give a good source of light through whilst also filtering harmful UV rays. There was also a glazed canopy at the front of the school offering to give a clear view of the sky from beneath.

Working in such a confined area was not a problem for Broxap who took all aspects from design of the canopies, to installation, to transportation and delivery on site on board from the initial design stage.

Each area was phased to enable elements of each canopy to be delivered and installed before moving to the next one, Broxap also provided a series of their Wardale Cycle and Scooter Shelters complete with lockable gates and also a series of stainless steel door barriers to the outside of the buildings entrances.

The result is a fantastic looking series of canopies that are a perfect fit for the school and offer pupils and staff the maximum of protection from the elements across the outside of the school.

4 years ago