Elms Farm Primary & Nursery School, Sheldon, Birmingham

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Elms Farm Primary & Nursery School, Sheldon, Birmingham

Bouygues Construction Ltd. were working at a school that required two canopies in two different areas.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Firstly the EYFS required a canopy outside of their classrooms. This was to allow pupils out to play during rain and shine. Bouygues asked Broxap to supply a Duo Pitch Newcastle Canopy. We installed it adjacent to two of the classroom doors, therefore allowing pupils to enter the area at two points.

The canopy services the EYFS play area allowing pupils to keep equipment beneath and free from rain. The roof is clad in Multiwall Polycarbonate 16mm in thickness and with a clear finish but still with UV reducing properties.


Around the other side of the school at the Infants Entrance there was a provision for a playground canopy to provide a shaded area. Broxap provided a Monopitch version of the Newcastle Shelter, again clad with Multiwall. This provided an ideal shaded area for pupils to play in the sun or even shelter form the rain.


Each shelter was powder coated in a Dark Green to blend in with the locations.

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