Gayton CE Primary Academy, Norfolk

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A new primary academy fit for a growing community has opened.
Gayton CE Primary Academy will provide space for 210 pupils up to the age of 11 as well as 56 nursery places.
It replaces a smaller building which was no longer able to serve the needs of the school community.
Incorporating sustainable features such as a ground source heat pump and modern insulation, the new school has seven classrooms as well as a library and group rooms.
Outside, the academy features landscaped grounds which encourage active play as well as outdoor learning.
Working for contractor Kier Construction, Broxap designed, manufactured and installed two shelters for scooter and cycle parking.
An Apollo Junior Run of Shelters can store 18 bicycles as well as 40 scooters. A second Apollo Junior Shelter has space for 12 bikes.
Both have clear roof cladding and a galvanised steel frame powder coated black.
A total of 15 Sheffield Junior Cycle Stands and two root-fixed double sided Scooter Racks feature in the shelters.
From our Hand Made Places playground division, a Darell Gazebo including decking, fencing and integrated seating was selected to offer shade in the playground.
A Balksbury Play Unit is hugely popular at break times, with a tower, climbing wall, scramble net,  fire pole and slide.
Five Sherwood mild steel benches, from our street furniture collection, offer places to sit and rest at the school’s entrance. The galvanised steel benches have been powder-coated Traffic Red to give a cheery and warm welcome to pupils and visitors.

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Gayton, Norfolk

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