Hamilton Grammar School, Lanarkshire

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An impressive outdoor learning and socialising area has been created at Hamilton Grammar School after students were given the chance to decide how to spend part of their school’s budget.
Scotland’s Participatory Budgeting scheme is a democratic process allowing citizens to decide directly how to spend part of a public budget.
School children in Hamilton were selected to put forward their views on how the Pupil Equity Fund should be invested and play a part in decisions affecting their education.
At Hamilton Grammar School, three ideas for the funding were put forward including a playground canopy; free breakfast; and outdoor seating.
After being put to the vote, pupils chose to spend the money on a playground canopy to enhance outdoor learning as well as provide covered socialising space at break and lunch times.
Following meetings with the school and South Lanarkshire Council, our design and build team came up with a bespoke solution based on our freestanding Newcastle Symmetric Canopy.
At 24 metres long, the canopy can accommodate a wide variety of activities.
Clear roof cladding and side panels help to protect students from the elements, opening up more opportunities to make use of the school’s outdoor areas all year round.
The galvanised steel framework was powder coated green to complement the landscape and installed by our teams in consultation with the school and the council to ensure it met with their requirements.

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Hamilton, Lanarkshire

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