Leeds City Centre - #LeedsByExample

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Leeds City Centre - #LeedsByExample

#LeedsByExample is the UK’s biggest ‘on-the-go’ recycling campaign to date…
…and Broxap’s Derby Richmond Recycling Bins are right at the heart of it.
This campaign is being run by Hubbub and Leeds City Council – and its aim is simple – to try and get more people recycling on the go.

Our large wheelie bin stores have been placed right in the centre of the action; with their unique designs making them impossible to miss.

Broxap worked closely with both Leeds City Council and Hubbub on this fantastic project where they needed innovative designs to try and encourage the people of Leeds to join the recycling revolution.

The campaign is running for six months, as part of a trial. Starting in October and running all the way through to April– it aims to get more and more people recycling.

After the trial period is up they will then publish the results in the hopes that other councils and companies will join, in an effort to make recycling exciting.

Broxap supplied 26 bins for Leeds City Council. Each bin had a capacity of 240L. Having such a large capacity means that these bins will take much longer to become full, resulting in the streets staying cleaner for longer.

The bins were not only vibrant in colour, sporting an eye catching colour scheme of RAL 1016 Sulphur Yellow and RAL 5001 ‘Blue’ , but they also included witty tag lines and fun hashtags.

Broxap created these unique vinyl labels with the playful message:

“Empty plastic and cans, nowt else”

A tribute to the people of Leeds and their famous dialect.

The bins also included vinyl images of the types of rubbish which can be placed in these bins, as well as the hashtag #LeedsByExample, urging people to get involved in this brilliant campaign.

Further to the above, since the installation of these litter bins, Leeds City Council contacted Broxap for the supply and installation of a further 20 recycling units.

These litter bins were to be, unlike the previous, the Standard Derby Recycling bins, however there was nothing “standard” about the bespoke wrappings.

The litter bins would complement their existing range being wrapped in a bespoke vinyl which carried the same message as the previous.

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