Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire

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Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire

As a wider plan to improve the look of the city centre, Nottingham City Council decided they want to replace their ‘Big Belly Bins’ with Broxap’s Wheelie Bin Housing.

Nottingham City Council have decided to go back to basics and install traditional style bins, replacing their previous “Big Belly Bins”. By doing this they are hoping it will encourage more recycling, reduce the number of liners being used and will make it easier for waste operatives to use.

Their requirements included; making them large enough to contain a full size 240L wheelie bin inside which would help the City Council’s clean teams empty them quickly and more efficiently; eliminating the 10,000 single use plastic bin liners which they were using in just 12 months!

We adapted a standard Broxap Product to suit Nottingham City Councils bespoke requirements, BX45G 2552 Derby Wheelie Bin Housing.

The selected housing is an authentic Broxap design and has been a firm favourite with our valued client base. The manufacturing process and quality of product produced ensures that this wheelie bin housing can boast exceptional longevity and durability.

Though the aesthetics of the bin were paramount to this project, additional practical elements were needed, to help reduce litter within the city centre.

Broxap designed large stainless steel stubbing plates which provided maximum coverage to the lid of the bin. This was done to maximise opportunity for the correct and safe disposal of cigarette litter.

Nottingham City Council ordered 170 x 240L Wheelie Bin Housings, and 20 x 240L Recycling Bins to encourage recycling across the city. Having been well-received by councillors and operatives and after the success of these bins in the City Centre, Nottingham City Council are looking to place more of these bins across the wider area in the future.

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8 months ago