Oaklands School, Hounslow

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Oaklands School, Hounslow

Working with Farrans Construction, the main contractor on this new-build school project, Broxap provided a large amount of external furniture as well as specialised SEN (Special Educational Needs) equipment. Oaklands School is centred around developing skills and learning for pupils with disabilities or special needs.

Items include:
  • A modified version of the Forest Story House,
  • A special equipment timber shed,
  • Timber planters,
  • Full support and wheelchair accessible swings from our Hand Made Places division,
  • Timber benches,
  • A ‘spinning bowl’,
  • Caversham Gazebo with integral seating,
  • Trampolines specifically designed to sit within the ground to allow easy access for disabled children and wheelchair users.

These items were all installed onto specialist play surfacing provided by Broxap. For example, coloured wet pour and artificial grass.

Broxap also installed a series of cantilever, fabric, shade sail canopies at various locations within the play areas; these provide rain shelter and shade to the play areas.

The school will also see benefits in other areas; Broxap supplied a series of stainless steel, access control bollards to the school frontage and door stops to the classrooms. Also supplied by Broxap was the cycle parking element for the school, a series of Broxap Wardale Shelters.

Broxap’s Sunshine Gym division provided a series of outdoor gym equipment to a soft play area which included an Arm & Pedal Bicycle, a Double Slalom Skier, children’s Double Squat Push and Double Power Push units and a Sky Stepper.

The whole school playground and external furniture package now adds a bright and user-friendly series of play areas that the pupils and staff can utilise.

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