Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust

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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust

Working with Russell Cawberry Ltd. Broxap were asked to provide a bespoke canopy for patients convalescing at the Hospital that would like some time outside yet still have the facility to connect to internal breathing apparatus and hospital systems.

After discussions on site with the client, architect and contractor, the canopy design was simplified to be more functional, removing the use of stainless steel glass spider fixings to a patent glazing system. Options were also discussed in regards to the roofing material and the use of toughened glass or multiwall polycarbonate.

The canopy support structure was also simplified to reduce the amount of roof supports which would give both a more streamlined aesthetic look and yet allow more flexibility with the space to allow better patient positioning under the canopy as they may need to cope with patients that are bed ridden or using wheelchairs having visitors gathered around.

The design picked up the colour palette used on the building window frames to compliment the overall appearance.

4 years ago