Smithfield Building, Stoke-on-Trent

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Smithfield Building, Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent’s regeneration agenda set its sights on a new multimillion pound business quarter which would sit at the heart of the city.

As part of this project we have seen the construction of Smithfield, an up-and-coming community hub, host to office space, retail and hospitality buildings as well as residential units.

Though some of the building work is still yet to be completed, the proposed units are due to be finished construction in late 2019.

Following the completion of “1 Smithfield”, the first of the office buildings, Broxap were contacted in regards to the supply of external litter bins for this up-and-coming area. Following consultation, Broxap supplied 18 Kingsley “Beck” steel litter bins in a 60 litre capacity.

These high specification contemporary litter bins provide clients with a product which is both sleek and stylish. Supplied in a high-end architectural paint finish in colour DB 703 “Pearled Dark Grey”, these litter bins complement the buildings unique design and bold colours, something which can be identified from all over the city.

The litter bins not only provide a unique aesthetic, but the hot dip galvanisation manufacturing process allows them to also be robust, durable, and boast longevity too.

The installed litter bin is post-mounted which adds to its stylish aesthetic. Fitted with a tilting mechanism and snap lock, this product ensures for a quick and easy disposal, making it a hit with  maintenance staff.

Though part of a wider regeneration project, the installation of the above litter bins, had one very specific purpose; to help reduce litter within the grounds of Smithfield, further improving community pride. Something which remains at the heart of this project.

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