Stirling, Central Scotland

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Beautiful timber and stainless steel seating has been installed across a tourist destination.
It comes as Stirling Council works in partnership with user groups and the Go Forth Stirling Business Improvement District (BID) to create a more welcoming and inclusive city centre.
A total of 13 bespoke Litchard Stainless Seats were designed and manufactured for Stirling.
As well as a high quality stainless steel frame and hardwood slats, the seats feature a backrest and come complete with armrests.
They have been installed at key meeting places across the city.
The addition of the Litchard Seats align with a recommendation in the Making Stirling a Dementia Friendly City audit.
The 2020 audit found the provision of seating along popular routes could be especially supportive in getting people out and about to maintain their independence.
It said the provision, quality and comfort of the existing seating in Stirling could be enhanced with stone and all-steel seating replaced with a warmer material.
It also called for new seating to have back and armrests to make them comfortable for older people.
Earlier this year a new economic strategy for Stirling was approved to support local businesses; attract jobs and investment; cut carbon emissions; and tackle inequality.
The seating is among a raft of other improvements to make Stirling a more inviting, welcoming and friendly place for residents, businesses and visitors.

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Stirling, Scotland

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