Streetpride in Derby - Broxap secures future with City Council

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Broxap has been successful in securing the tender for the provision of bins in Derby. Having already produced bins for this city for over a decade, we now look forward to the next three years of working together with Derby City Council.

The Products

  • The Derby Standard is an instantly recognisable Broxap product and the City Council’s most commonly used litter bin. This product will ensure minimal vandalism and maximum tidiness throughout the city. This is due to its unique door hinge system; preventing forced removal of Broxap bin doors for over 25 years! From the different colours available, the council has opted to stay with the black and gold heritage design they have chosen in the past. This colour scheme has come to fit the traditional aesthetic of towns up and down the UK.
  • Derby Council have also chosen to use Derby Round bins in the city. With an ergonomic shape and Raven-Green powder coat these Derby Rounds will bring a sleek but subtle design to each location. Furthermore they will remain as durable and robust as the Derby Standards.
  • In order to encourage the public to Recycle when they’re out and about, Derby Council will be introducing Derby Double Recycling bin into the city. This is a unique bin with multiple galvanised steel liners and internal partitions. The council have stipulated that we should give one side of each unit a black powder coat for litter. The other side will be blue with graphics to identify appropriate waste products for recycling.
  • The Post-Mounted Litter Bin or ‘Dinbin’ ensures a reduction in litter on narrow pavements. We will install Dinbins through the city where there isn’t enough space for a floor-fixed unit. Even though this is a smaller, lighter bin, this design promises highly practical use in Derby. The angled bin opening stops rainwater entering; its smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and any difficulty in cleaning; finally, the recycled materials used stabilise the units against water and UV rays.

Made to Last

As manufacturers of robust products, we know that Broxap units stand the test of time. The proof of this can be seen in streets all over the country as well as in our long-term work with local authorities. We pledge to continue to supply Derby City Council with units of the same expert quality which the public expects of us nationwide.