Broxap's Modular Blox Bench & Planters

Build a place to inspire with Broxap’s Blox Bench and Planters system. Using attractive and inviting street furniture as the anchor, any location can be transformed. The Blox Bench and Planters are the foundation of placemaking and design.

They are the starting point for what sets a community apart, inspiring human behaviour and determining function. The modular make-up of the Blox Bench and Planters system means it can be uniquely configured to any specific area.

Its linear form can help to direct and guide people, drawing visitors, shoppers, workers and tourists together from all directions. It can help people to feel like they belong in the flow of city life.

The solid geometric profile of this furniture reflects strength and character, celebrating the urban grain. It brightens built-up areas thanks to the seamless integration of planters.

The variety of seating that can be created is widely adaptable, ranging from intimate group settings to socially spaced clusters.

The Blox Bench and Planter modules can feature different combinations of armrests and backrests, enabling those from diverse age and ability groups to comfortably share the same safe space.

Its solid, considerate and dependable design, with a steel frame and timber slats, provides a place for resting and socialising, for meeting, for viewing events or for eating and drinking.

The Blox Bench and Planters offer accessibility and choice and are tools to help animate a place, creating lively landscapes and encouraging people to connect to the street network.

They inject colour and energy into neighbourhoods and increase the overall quality of a public space. They can be used to create a sense of identity and to sustain growth as more services and functions are established close by.

Vibrant and welcoming, the Blox Bench and Planters system is the bedrock of a city with spirit.

Standard Blox Bench

2000/1740mm (l) x 460mm (h) x 450mm (w) 

Standard Blox Bench

Plan Elevation

Side Elevation

Bench Options

Arm Rests, Tapered or Full Back Supports 

Blox Bench with Arm Rest

Blox Bench with Arm Rest & Tapered Back Support

Blox Bench with Arm Rest & Full Back Support

Planter Options

End, Intermediate or Full Length Planters 

End Planter 

Intermediate Planter

Full Length Planter

Unlimited Layout & Colour Configurations

Unlimited options to suit your area.

Config. 1

Config. 2 

Config. 3 

Config. 4 

Config. 5 

Config. 6 

Config. 7 

Config. 8


We are able to tailor each Blox Bench and Planter to a multi-level of finish options from natural looking durable softwoods up to high end contemporary hardwood detailing.

Available options include:

  • Optional Arm Rests/Anti-skate Deterrents.
  • Optional Full or Tapered Back Supports.
  • Optional End, Intermediate or Full Length Planters.
  • All steelwork is polyester powder coated and available in any of our standard RAL/BS colours.
  • Timber slats are available in plain and sanded FSC hardwood or pressure treated FSC softwood.
  • Robust tough galvanised mild steel bench base's are available in any standard polyester powder coated colour.
  • This modular bench design allows for unlimited layout and colour options.

For information regarding the Blox Bench and Planter please contact a member of our sales team on 01782 564 411