Broxap Street Furniture offers the widest range of bollards available on the UK street furniture market, holding many products in stock for express delivery. Our bollards come in a variety of styles and finishes with features including customisation, lighting, reflective banding and decorative highlighting available on request. Our security bollards are manufactured on site at our Midlands factory, where we specialise in architectural metalwork and joinery as well as other forms of industrial fabrication.

Our classic cast iron bollards can be found in towns and cities across the UK, proudly protecting people and places. With fantastic resistance and strength they are a practical choice particularly for heritage areas. Our cast iron bollard range features an extensive selection of shapes and styles. Steel bollards are highly effective security bollards, controlling vehicle access and pedestrian approaches. Our hot dip galvanising process ensures an extremely long product life. Stainless Steel bollards present an attractive finish and are popular at retail and employment parks. For ultimate versatility, we also offer one of the largest ranges of polyurethane bollards. With high resistance and low maintenance properties, a polyurethane bollard offers a value alternative street bollard solution. Sustainable bollard options from Broxap Street Furniture also include timber bollards, recycled plastic bollards and concrete and granite bollards.

While playing an important role in security as well as guiding people and vehicles, bollards can add to the aesthetics of an area. At Broxap Street Furniture our quality promise considers the function and performance of our bollards as well as their ability to enhance and complement any surrounding. Our Street Furniture Suites highlight product collections which include matching bollards while our vast range of colours, shapes, materials and styles make a bollard a feature of any development scheme.

Many of our bollards are designed and manufactured with a particular purpose in mind such as our removable bollards and illuminated bollards. Car park bollards can help to mark out vehicle and pedestrian areas while anti-ram ductile iron versions of some bollards are available.

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  1. Cardiff Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 053 Cardiff Cast Iron Bollard
    From £186.00
  2. Southampton Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 062 Southampton Cast Iron Bollard
    From £184.00
  3. Blackburn Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1520 Blackburn Cast Iron Bollard
    From £162.00
  4. Blackpool Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1521 Blackpool Cast Iron Bollard
    From £175.00
  5. St. Annes Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1527 St. Annes Cast Iron Bollard
    From £209.00
  6. Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1581 Knot Mill Cast Iron Bollard
    From £209.00
  7. Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1582 Cornwall Cast Iron Bollard
    From £209.00
  8. Fluted Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1605 Fluted Cast Iron Bollard
    From £183.00
  9. St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    BX 1608 St. Helens Cast Iron Bollard
    From £209.00
  10. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6500-RT Heavy Duty Bollards
  11. Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    BX14 6501 Heavy Duty Economy Bollards
    From £113.00
  12. Delavel PU Bollard
    BXPU 079-RT Delavel PU Bollard
    From £149.00
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Items 1-12 of 49