Cast Iron Bollards

Broxap's cast iron bollards bear the unique ‘cast iron guarantee’, for a lifetime in excess of 100 years. All cast iron bollards can be cast in either grade 250 or grade 450-10, anti-ram ductile iron, to enhance their sturdiness. Ductile iron is for those concerned of vehicle impact vulnerability and offer options such as gold and reflective bands, to further increase the visibility of the building’s location.

The cast iron bollards can be root, base plate or removable fixed. Pricing is per single root fixed Cast Iron Bollard, painted in a single standard Broxap colour only (black as standard). All colour options are available at an extra cost. The cast iron bollard can also be converted to bollard and rail, bollard and panel and bollard and chain, with a choice of BS and RAL colours available on request. Waterside paint specification can be selected for added protection from the elements in locations such as seaside towns, riversides, quaysides, marinas, and canal sides.

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