Broxap Main Brochure

Our most comprehensive brochure. Explore a huge list of products from every Broxap division and find out about our biggest and best projects from across the family business.

Includes shelters and canopies, architectural fabric, cycle parking, bollards, railing systems and safety barriers, benches and picnic units, litter bins and recycling units, planters, signage, tree protection, playground equipment, sports equipment, and changing room furniture.

Nusser Contemporary Street Furniture 2019

Explore our range of contemporary Nusser street furniture constructed from high quality timber. Nusser manufacture a large product range of innovative designs including seats, benches and tables.

Timber Brochure

Our beautiful timber products are a great way of integrating equipment and furniture into outdoor areas. We also have timber options for indoor products for a naturalistic look.

This brochure covers all of our timber products: bollards, shelters, seats and benches, picnic units, planters, litter bins, playground furniture, and cloakroom furniture.


As the exclusive supplier of Calzolari products in the UK, Broxap is able to offer innovative street furniture crafted by Italian masters.

The Calzolari brochure showcases the entire range of Italian street furniture offered by Broxap.

Shelters For Schools

In this colourful brochure you can explore the full range of shelter units and customisation available to schools. Don’t forget to look out for our new package deals!

Includes extended classrooms & outdoor dining, shade sails & fabric canopies, and cycle shelters & parking.

New World of Broxap

This brochure gives a snapshot of the sort of products we offer across every division of the business. That means you’ll find product types covered by our other catalogues. Includes full contact information for each division, and information about the ways in which we can work for you.

Litter Bins Brochure 2020/2021

Broxap’s Derby Bins are some of our most instantly recognisable products. This brochure covers our full range of internal and external bins – the largest range of its kind in the UK!

Includes litter, recycling, salt and grit, dog waste, and cigarette bins. As well the product list (steel, cast iron, timber, and plastic), explore the production process itself, the latest technology in bin monitoring, and the full benefits of buying bins with Broxap.

Broxap Design & Build

Discover our range of functional and architectural structures, and the ways in which we can work with you to create bespoke products from materials of your choice.

This is a product portfolio which takes you through the fully customisable Design & Build process from design and manufacture, through to installation. The brochure covers project management, installation services, and case studies from the various areas for which we have produced custom products.

Seating Brochure

Broxap offers the largest range of external seating in the UK – this brochure covers it all. Our materials range from granite and cast iron, to timber and recycled plastic. Designs cover traditional benches, contemporary ‘Plaza’ seating, vehicle access prevention, and picnic units. This brochure gives full specifications for all our seating products from across the business.

Hand Made Places Brochure

This Hand Made Places brochure features some of our very best products, featured case studies and information about our designing, manufacturing and installation process.

This brochure is a fantastic place to start! But you can browse our full range of playground equipment  over on the Hand Made Places website.

So click now to delve straight into a wonderful world of imagination, creating beautiful play spaces for children of all ages.

Stadia Sports Brochure

Stadia Sports have a 30 year history of supplying the highest quality sports equipment to sports clubs, local authorities, and educational institutions. This brochure has details on how to order from us and a full product list with specifications.

Includes equipment for athletics, badminton, basketball, changing rooms, cricket, football, first aid, grounds maintenance, gym fitness, gymnastics, golf, handball, hockey, lacrosse, netball, PE, pitch-side, rounders, rugby, softball, sports hall servicing, sports timing, storage, table tennis, tennis, and volley ball.

Cloakroom Furniture Brochure

We can work with you to design and install peg rails, wall seats, island units, bag storage, and lockers. In this brochure you can browse all the price ranges and the various height, material, and fixing options for each type of product.

Smarter Cycle Solutions from Broxap

We’ve brought together examples of some of our most innovative cycle hub designs to showcase how Broxap’s expertise can benefit your scheme. Featuring a range of designs, capacities, parking systems and bespoke features, this brochure highlights how Broxap’s extensive know-how and commitment to high-quality manufacturing can transform an idea into a safe, convenient and secure cycle hub.

Sunshine Gym Brochure – Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our full-size outdoor fitness equipment allows adults to improve their health and fitness all whilst having fun. This brochure includes our full range of adult fitness equipment which is suitable for users above 1.4m in height.

One easy way of bringing parks up to speed with today’s needs is to provide equipment which promotes health and fitness.

Sunshine Gym – Key Stage 1 & 2

This range of outdoor fitness equipment is specifically designed for children or users below 1.4m in height; typically key stages 1&2.

With our equipment, children of various abilities can be encouraged to take up cardiovascular exercises, making these units highly inclusive and beneficial for virtually all pupils.