Allens Croft Primary School, Birmingham

The school had a complex pathway that linked the different areas of the school and were looking to get a covered walkway to traverse this path and give adequate shelter to pupils moving from building to building.

They also wanted to create something bright and colourful and asked Broxap if it was possible to have a covered walkway that could be comprised of different coloured elements.

Broxap said no problem and after performing a site survey and creating a visual to illustrate how they planned to use a bespoke version of their Newcastle Junior shelter they talked the school through the colours they planned to incorporate and how they would create a rainbow style coloured walkway.

Broxap manufactured the walkway and powder coated the rainbow colours in their powder coating plant on site at their headquarters before delivering the elements to site and installing them during the summer holidays.

The result is a fantastic coloured walkway to keep pupils sheltered from the elements and enhance the school grounds at the same time.

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