Arbroath Town Centre

Broxap have installed a number of bespoke Derby Round litter bins in Arbroath Town Centre, Angus.

Arbroath’s history and working harbour draws in the attention of many tourists, meaning that keeping this town clean is an absolute must.

The town’s heritage is key, therefore these bespoke litter bins have been adorned with full colour vinyl logos which represent Arbroath and District Community Council’s coat of arms.

On top of this the bins themselves are “Wine Red” (RAL 3005) in colour, with both gold vinyl, and laser cut lettering. This colour scheme echoes that of the applied logo. Thus complementing the town’s community spirit.

Not only is the bins finish aesthetically pleasing, it also exudes practicality too.

Due to the nature of the seaside location the client opted for the Broxap Marine Coating, this will help to reduce the impact of the damp and salty sea air, as well as helping to ensure longevity and durability.

On top of the environmental impact, coastal locations also come with other challenges, such as sea birds. In order to reduce litter from sea birds the client has opted for ‘Seagull Flaps’. These have been finished in the same colour as the rest of the bin.

Furthermore, these 130 litre capacity bespoke Derby Round litter bins are dual purpose, and have the means of disposing of dog waste, general litter and cigarette waste too. Therefore helping to reduce all types of litter in this tourist heavy area.

Please note that cigarette waste should only be disposed of in the provided circular self-closing ash tray which is positioned on the lid of the bin.

Never put cigarette waste in the main bin. 
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