Arofan House Student Accommodation, Cardiff

Broxap’s contemporary outdoor seating ties together the sophisticated design at Arofan House student accommodation which incorporates sweeping curves and greenery.

In this site which Midas Construction Ltd oversaw for The Student Housing Company, the standout feature is Broxap’s Wythenshawe Bench. The Wythenshawe is a circular, mild steel framed bench with sustainable hardwood slats introducing warm, honey tones to the courtyard.

To match the C-shaped Wythenshawe, we also supplied four of our Hemstone Benches; these are straight, freestanding units whose timber and granite features line the path towards the sociable seating at the centre.

Ensuring a Perfect Fit – Collaborative Creations with Broxap

Circular and rounded seating will always be a ‘statement choice’ when it comes to external furniture. Therefore it’s important to ensure that the measurements match the setting perfectly. Hence, whilst Broxap supplied standard specification Hemstone benches, the client requested that we manufacture the Wythenshawe unit in bespoke dimensions.

This is just one example of the benefits of choosing Broxap for an external works project or landscape design scheme; our in-house design and manufacture teams are on hand to help clients to find tailored solutions within their budget. Alongside this, there are thousands of standard products within the Broxap range to save time and money for designers and contractors alike.

Interested in outdoor seating for student accommodation or residential projects?

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