Auriol Park, Epsom.

Auriol Park provides a community hub for the people of Epsom.

This key area provides a meeting space, sports facility, playground and socialising hot spot for local residents.

Therefore, when Broxap were approached for their street furniture expertise, we were more than happy to help.

Broxap designed, manufactured and installed an Eastgate Seat in Auriol Park, Epsom.

This beautifully designed seat, echoes the traditional ‘park bench’ style, and perfectly complements the aesthetic.

The bench, which is clad in green, complements its natural surroundings and fits beautifully with the existing park furniture.

But there is on element which is far from traditional.

The bench uses recycled plastic black slats.

These, as suggested, are made from recycled materials. Adding an extra ‘green’ element, to this green space.

Here at Broxap we pride ourselves on encouraging the use of recycled materials, as well as promoting recycling amongst the public, and indeed our staff.

Find out more about recycling and our recycled products here!

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