Avon Studios Student Living, Bath.

Broxap installed a small seating area along with litter bin at Avon Studios Student Living, Bath.

The seats and refuse facilities were installed on a brand new landscaped space outside of this new student accommodation building.

This beautifully landscaped area provides students living in the adjacent accommodation with an easily accessible outdoor space. Students can use this area for socialising, eating, or even completing assigned work.

The installed ‘Hemstone’ curved benches provide a modern feel to this brand new outdoor space, and the curved nature of the bench follows the curvature of the new pavement.

Thus providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor area.

Furthermore, Broxap also designed, manufactured and installed the Derby Slimline E Litter Bin. Therefore providing students with the means of appropriately disposing of their litter.

Hopefully meaning that the outdoor area will stay litter free, and remain a great outdoor space to be used for any of the student’s needs.

Having an outdoor area to amongst other activities, complete work, will go towards helping to improve the social and mental well-being of the students living in this building.

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