Boston Town Centre.

Boston Borough Council are working hard to reduce waste in their town centre. Their main focus: cigarette litter.

As part of this, Broxap provided 90 bins, which looked aesthetically pleasing, and also exuded practicality.

Boston Town Centre has been host to many different bin types over the past years. Many of these bins had an open top, which gave limited options when it came to disposing of cigarettes.

They needed a more practical and safer solution.

The installed Derby Standard Bin, features the optional extra: ‘Self-Closing Ash Tray’. This ensures that all cigarette waste is contained. Thus resulting a reduction of ‘fall out’ and also a decreased risk of fire.

On top of this campaign to reduce cigarette litter their existing bins were also in need of modernising. By replacing the bins on a large scale, it allowed them to update the look of the town centre as well as bringing uniformity to the borough.

“They have consistent branding providing a positive impression to people who live, work and visit Boston.” – Boston Borough Council

The council decided on the Derby Standard Litter Bin, however opted to forgo the traditional black, in favour of a blue and gold theme which paid homage to the council colours.

The colour was not the only outstanding element to these bins. They were also embellished with gold vinyls featuring, the town crest, the Boston Town Area Committee logo and an extremely detailed vinyl of the town’s skyline. This vinyl features some of their most famous landmarks.

On top of the interesting and unique design, the Broxap Derby Standard was chosen on account of its durability. With the council stating that:

“The 120-litre capacity bins have been selected for their superior, robust build quality and require virtually no maintenance.” – Boston Borough Council

These great bins should help towards keeping Boston Town Centre litter free for many years to come, and after speaking with the council we can see that they are already helping to reduce waste on the streets of Boston.

The feedback about the new bins has been very encouraging. Members love them and the integral ashtrays are already reducing cigarette litter noticeably on the streets. They look great in situ in and around the town centre and they are easy and robust to install…I know this because I have fitted three with the team myself.
So very happy with the product, thank you.” – Boston Borough Council

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