Colchester Castle Park, Essex

Colchester Castle Park is famous for its unique heritage and historical importance.

Inclusive of a museum, playground, café, “Crazy Golf” area and infamous bandstand, this public green space is host to thousands of attendee’s year in year out.

In light of this, when management at Castle Park approached Broxap with specific requirements for their new litter bins, we knew that it would be a special project to be a part of.

Due to the aforementioned unique aesthetic and heritage, which is attached to Colchester Castle Park, the litter bins needed to be traditional in look, as well as both robust and durable on account of their public location.

These specific requirements were perfectly matched in the Broxap, BX 2315 Square Standard Cast Iron Bin.

The selected bins are an authentic Broxap design, which for over 40 years, have been a firm favourite with our valued client base. The manufacturing process and quality of product produced ensures that these litter bins can boast exceptional longevity and durability. In addition to this, due to the nature of this high specification product, these litter bins are also vandal resistant.

True to the requested heritage aesthetic, these litter bins were to be painted using the traditional black (RAL 9005) and gold colour scheme. In addition to the body of the bin, lettering and stripping was highlighted by hand in Ardenbrite’s Light Gold paint, chosen for its durability, brightness and colour retention.

The Castle Park logo was also hand-painted by highly skilled artists, situated in our on-site paint shop. This intricate detailing adds yet another unique level to this litter bin.

Though the aesthetics of the bin were paramount to this project, additional practical elements were needed to be added in order to help reduce litter within the park. Additional “stubbing plates” were added to the bin to aid in the correct and safe disposal of cigarette litter.

Castle Park have ordered a large number of these bins since the originals were installed, adding consistency to the park both for aesthetic and maintenance purposes. All bins in this range utilise the same locking mechanism making for ease of emptying by maintenance staff.

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